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Twisted Wire Bits

Twisted Wire Bits
Twisted Wire Bits
Shop English and Western twisted wire bits. Twisted wire snaffle bits, shank twisted wire and D ring twisted wire bits in stainless steel, copper or sweet iron. Available in regular or slow twist. Shop top twisted wire bit brands like Dutton, Weaver, FES and more.
FES Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit
FES Twisted Wire D Ring Bit
FES Twisted Wire Swept Back Lifesaver Bit

The Twisted Wire Bit – An Advanced Mouthpiece

The twisted wire bit is named after its mouthpiece made of two wires twisted together. Available in a narrow/regular mouthpiece or in a thicker mouthpiece with a slow twist. When you are considering a twisted wire bit, the thicker the mouthpiece and slower the twist, the softer the bit.

Riders are able to find a twisted wire bit in almost every bit style. For example, a twisted wire snaffle bit is a popular style, but it is important to remember it is more severe than a regular snaffle.

A twisted wire bit is usually used on a more polished horse if they have become dull and heavy in the hands. The twist in the wire is a bit sharper than a smooth bit, making the tongue and lips more responsive. As twisted wire bits are a more severe bit they are best used with advanced riders on finished horses.

Choose from twisted wire bits in stainless steel, copper and sweet iron.

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