Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo

Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo

  • Cleans and conditions each hair while removing stubborn stains
  • Low sudsing action rinses ultra clean to eliminate residue build up
  • Helps coat maintain its natural moisture balance
  • Promotes a healthy coat, silky softness and luxurious shine
  • Concentrated 1 to 4 (4 oz. makes 16 oz.)
  • Citronella scent helps to repel flies
  • Made in the USA
  • Unconditional money back guarantee

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Powerful deep cleaning agents remove even the most stubborn stains without depleting the coat of it natural oils. Plant based and fully biodegradable. Low sudsing action rinses out easily even in cold water and helps eliminate residue build up. Affords the hair greater shine, luster and silky softness like never before.
Directions for best results
Mix 4 oz. of shampoo into a 16 oz. container and top off with water.
Shake well to mix.
Wet horse thoroughly.
Apply liberally and work deep into the coat, mane and tail.
Allow the shampoo to sit on the horse for 5 minutes before rinsing.
 Low sudsing action offers deep cleaning and rinses ultra clean and will not leave residue on the skin.
Massage Ultra Hair Polish into coat for heightened sheen. 
Allow horse to dry naturally.
Unconditional Guarantee
You’ve got to be 100% satisfied or return the partially used container to your vendor for a complete refund.

If you have any questions about this product or a type of fit, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or

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