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Veredus® Boots from Top Brands

Veredus Boots
Veredus® is committed to producing high-quality protective gear for horses. They use leading-edge materials and advanced technology to provide maximum protection. Schneiders has a large selection of Veredus® horse boots, so you're sure to find the perfect match for you and your horse.

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Veredus® Pro-Jump Ankle Boot
Veredus® Pro-Jump Ankle Boot
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Veredus® Pro-Jump Ankle Boot
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Veredus® Boots - Passionately Committed to Protection

Veredus® is a sport horse leg protection manufacturer passionate about leg protection and horse leg care. Their Semi Rigid-PU™ outer shell is anatomically shaped to allow for a higher level of protection while offering freedom of movement and maximum support. Additionally, their EVA™ Foam-Strike Plate lining provides shock protection and tendon support. Veredus® has been designing and manufacturing horse leg protection for over 20 years, and its products are used by some of the world's top riders.

Veredus® is a leading manufacturer of horse boots, and their products are known for their quality and performance. Their lineup includes a variety of boot styles, each of which is designed to meet the horse's specific needs. For example, their jumping boots feature a shock-absorbing bottom that helps to protect the legs from impact. Their dressage boots are made from soft, supple leather designed to mold to the horse's leg for a snug, comfortable fit. No matter what your needs, Veredus® has a boot that will provide the perfect fit for your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Veredus® Boots

What are Veredus® boots?

Veredus® is a high-end horse boots brand that offers various styles to suit different needs. They feature a unique hook-and-loop system that allows for a custom fit and anatomically shaped padding that provides extra support and protection for the horse's legs.

Where are Veredus® boots made?

The Veredus® horse boot is made in Italy, and the company boasts a team of experienced craftspeople who use only the finest materials.

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