Heated Water Buckets and Automatic Waterers for Horses

Watering solutions to meet every horseman's needs. The largest selection of durable, crack-resistant buckets, automatic waterers, heated and over-the-fence styles.
Water Buckets and Accessories
Water Buckets and Accessories
A healthy horse is a well-hydrated horse. The heated water buckets and automatic horse waterers at Schneiders make it easy to provide clean drinking water for your horse in his stall or in the pasture, even in cold weather.
16 Gallon Heated Tub

How a Heated Water Bucket Saves Time and Money

Every living thing needs access to clean water to stay healthy. In cold weather, a heated water bucket will provide your horse drinking water without worry. From a horse water trough to an automatic horse waterer, finding the right hydration solution for your horse is key to maintaining optimal health and performance.

A low-tech horse water bucket is fine in some situations. But if it gets knocked over or the temps drop suddenly, your horse could go without water for hours. An automatic horse waterer controls flow for one or several horses, taking a step up from a traditional horse water trough. Heated water buckets let you stay on top of weather changes, both inside the stable and out in the pasture, without wasting time lugging around heaters.

Give your horse drinking water on the go with a horse trailer water tank that travels with you. A water bucket won’t work in a trailer, so a high-capacity water stock tank designed for slant trailers is your best bet. Our collection includes watering solutions from durable water buckets to money-saving auto horse waterers.

Names You Trust and Quality You Expect

Schneiders has brought quality, innovation and service to the equestrian industry for seven decades. We’re proud to partner with trusted brands that value excellence as much as we do. That’s how we can guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction on every purchase at Schneiders.

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