Waterproof Turnout Blankets & Horse Sheets

Waterproof Horse Turnout Blankets and Sheets for Winter
Waterproof Horse Turnout Blankets and Sheets for Winter

If you live in an area with cold or wet weather, you will need a reliable horse turnout blanket to keep your horse warm and dry whatever the conditions. Shop our waterproof lightweight blankets with free shipping on orders over $100.

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Rambo® Supreme Heavyweight Turnout Blanket
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Rambo® Wug Heavyweight Turnout Blanket
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Rambo® Wug Medium Weight Turnout Blanket
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Rambo® Original with Leg Arches™ Lite Turnout Blanket
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Waterproof Turnout Blankets for Your Horse - Perfect for Winter

Our StormShield® turnout horse blankets feature a Euro fit with an upright shoulder for maximum coverage, a contoured hind quarter and a straight cut over the withers and back. They come in your choice of contour collar, extra coverage and traditional no back seam styles, as well as a wide selection of colors and materials. For a more tailored fit, ARMORFlex® blankets in VTEK® Wither Relief, Fitted V-Free or Cutback Neck styles are a must. These unique shapes and styles can accommodate your horse’s specific breed requirements, from a quarter horse’s sloped shoulders to a Morgan’s upright head carriage.

Schneiders even carries hard-to-find sizes for miniature horses, draft horses and ponies. Schneiders’ Big Fella line includes sizes 84 to 94 to accommodate all types of warmbloods or draft horses, while the miniature horse selection includes sizes 36 to 48 for smaller breeds. If you’re looking for a blanket for a newborn or yearling to wear while growing, StormShield® even offers waterproof turnout blankets with adjustable front sizing that you can expand while your horse grows.

No matter what type of horse or horses that you have, Schneiders has you covered with waterproof horse blankets from Dura-Tech®, ARMORFlex®, and StormShield® that will keep them safe, warm and comfortable in any weather. With materials that offer three to five times the weatherproofing of other brands and designs that won’t rub or put pressure on your horse’s withers, these blankets are truly some of the best you’ll find.

Waterproof Lightweight Turnout Blankets

Just like humans, sometimes horses need to go outside when the weather is less than ideal. A lightweight turnout blanket will help protect them from cooler temperatures, light rain, light wind and other transitional weather conditions. Our lightweight blankets function much as a fleece pullover or windbreaker would for a human, providing a waterproof layer of insulation as temperatures change. These blankets are made of premium fabrics that are strong enough to guard against the elements yet comfortable for a horse to wear. Dozens of size and color combos are in stock so there is a lightweight horse blanket that fits your equine in every possible way.

Euro Fit Horse Turnout Blankets - It can be difficult to find a great turnout blanket that your horse won’t slip out of or become irritated with, which is why horse owners love Schneiders so much. Our Euro fit turnout blankets are completely waterproof, windproof and breathable, so they hit all of the targets when it comes to performance, but they also offer an impeccable fit that you won’t find from many other blankets. The unique Euro fit features polyester exterior with nylon lining, plus a contoured collar for a snugger fit at the neck and above the shoulders. This means added comfort for your horse, as well as protection from the elements all year round.

Schneiders StormShield® Euro fit blankets boast an extremely durable outer covering that’s guaranteed for up to ten years against defects. This means that you can be certain about the performance and the quality for years to come. The high tech outer materials will protect your horse against driving rain, snow and wind, and the blankets feature a higher neck with a smaller opening and longer sides under the belly to ensure that your horse stays as warm and dry as possible.

Putting on and taking off our Euro fit turnout blankets is also incredibly easy, as they feature snap or buckle open fronts with a hook and loop closure that is easy to close, but difficult for your horse to take off. Most styles of our turnout blankets also feature other high-tech details, such as gussets, fleece at withers, tail covers, crisscross surcingles and detachable leg straps. The nylon lining keeps your horse’s coat clean and shiny, and it’s also easy to maintain when it comes time to wash the blanket. With a wide selection of colors to choose from, Schneiders Euro fit turnout blankets are the obvious choice for your tack room.

Specialty Fit Blankets

Schneiders blankets all have unique details that aim to accommodate the different body types of the different breeds, and the patented Adjusta-Fit® system customizes the neck opening to fit any horse’s neck width. This means that you can customize the blanket and adjust the size to fit your horse exactly, creating the most comfortable blanket fit that you’ll find anywhere. In addition to comfort, these blankets also offer incredible waterproof protection, with up to three to five times the waterproofing of other top blanket brands. Nylon lining, polyester, and poly-fill insulation make our blankets incredibly warm as well, so they’re perfect for protecting your horse during cold rain, snow or other winter weather.

Cutback Turnout Blankets - Not all horses are created the same, so why would you shop for blankets like they are? If your horse is a breed with an upright head carriage, such as Arabians, Morgans, Friesians, Saddlebreds or Tennessee Walkers, you might want to check out Schneiders Cutback Turnout Blankets designed just for this type of conformation. Other types of horse blankets can rub against the withers if they don’t fit right, causing irritation and discomfort for your horse. These types of blankets, however, are made just for your horse’s specific breed, creating a comfortable and durable blanket that you’ll have for years to come, we even offer up to a ten-year warranty to guarantee it.

VTEK® Wither Relief Turnout Blankets - If traditional horse blankets bother your horse and rub against his high withers, VTEK® Wither Relief Turnout Blankets from Schneiders may be the solution. These innovative Schneiders horse blankets help to protect the withers on a horse by accommodating an upright shoulder conformation, putting less pressure on the horse’s shoulders and withers and preventing rubbing while wearing.

VTEK® Wither Relief Turnout Blankets feature a patented VTEK® wither relief system that prevents rubbing on high to moderate withers and extends 4 to 6 inches onto the mane. These Schneiders horse blankets also offer up to 15 times the weatherproofing of other competitive brands, and they feature a patented Adjusta-Fit® system that customizes the neck opening to fit any horse width. This means that Schneiders VTEK® wither relief horse blankets are designed to fit Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Appendix horses and similar conformations that may be difficult to find a blanket for. The incredible waterproofing makes them perfect for cold, rainy or snowy climates, and they can even be worn as a measure to protect your horse’s coat before a big show. VTEK® Wither Relief Turnout Blankets come in your choice of attractive styles and colors to coordinate with the rest of your blankets, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any high withered horse.

Fitted V-Free® Turnout Blankets - Schneiders Fitted V-Free® Turnout Blankets are some of the top horse turnout blankets on the market, and for good reason. These innovative blankets feature a Fitted V-Free wither relief system to fit sloped shoulder conformation with a larger neck opening, creating a better fit and more comfortable wear for horses with sloped shoulders, such as Quarter Horses, Arabians and stock horses. The result is a truly comfortable, wearable blanket that won’t irritate your horse, and it comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

Schneiders horse blankets with V-Free technology also offer up to 15 times the waterproofing of other blanket brands, so not only do they fit well, they also offer protection from rain, snow and wet ground. The patented Adju

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