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Weaver Boots for Horses

Weaver Boots for Horses
Weaver Boots for Horses
Weaver® knows that when it comes to horse boots, fit, protection, and support are key. That's why they developed their line of horse boots with the help of horses and industry professionals. Their goal is to provide the ultimate fit, protection, and support so your horse can stay comfortable and protected. Whether you're looking for turnout or trail-riding boots, Weaver has a boot that will meet your needs.

Weaver® Horse Boots - Engineered for Your Equine Athlete

Your horse's suspensory ligaments are important to help support the fetlock joint during the stage of the stride that absorbs the weight of the horse. With Weaver® Leather's Dynamic Sling System and secure fit, your horse will have the proper support during strenuous training and competition. Thanks to the hard work of Weaver®’s research and development team, you can be confident that your horse is receiving the best possible protection while competing at the highest level.

Weaver®’s development team went above and beyond to ensure that Prodigy Athletic Boots were designed to protect your horse's legs while ensuring a perfect fit. These boots are created with the finest form-fitting, shock-absorbing memory foam and are covered in neoprene. Plus, a stretchy binding with darted edges offers a secure fit and keeps dirt out. These features allow Weaver® horse boots to prevent injuries and extend competitive careers.

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