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Weight Gain & Muscle Growth Supplements

Weight and Skin/Coat Supplements for Horses
Weight and Skin/Coat Supplements for Horses
Equip your horse with the key nutrients it needs to thrive with horse weight gain supplements from Schneiders. Shop trusted weight gain supplements for horses suffering nutritional deficiency, disease, injury or another condition that could cause weight loss.
Equine Omega Complete
dac® Oil
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dac® Bloom
$30.99 - $169.99
dac® Colt Grower
$38.99 - $104.99
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Cocosoya Oil
Equine Mega Basic Muscle Supplement
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Balance EQ
OE Nutraceuticals Ultimate Oil Gallon
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Equine Mega Gain 128oz
Equinety Horse XL 600gm
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OE Nutraceuticals Align 25lbs
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Trusted Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

Horsesups are often prone to health problems that can cause weight loss, especially performance horses who have spent their lives in competition, working around the farm or being regularly ridden. Many common health problems can leave horses underweight and malnourished, including gastric ulcers, poor-quality feed, parasite infections, kidney disease, lameness, cancer and many other conditions. In these conditions, it may be necessary and helpful to use one of our weight gain supplements for horses.

These formulas contain all the ingredients needed for optimal equine health, and most are suitable for all types of horses. We also have a special weight acceleration formula for older horses. They’re all considered high-performance dietary supplements which are formulated to be easily digestible and simpler to administer than oil supplements. Plus, many are formulated to be metabolized slowly for greater benefit and stable blood sugar levels.

Giving your horse a diet that is high in fat tends to enhance their energy levels. It also maintains a healthy body weight on less grain. These supplements for horsesare specially designed to support healthy gut function. They can also improve stamina and have other health benefits. Our premium horse supplements come from experts in equine health, such as dac®, O3 Animal Health, Buckeye® Nutrition, Uckele® Health & Nutrition, Farnam and Manna Pro®.

Probiotics, Good Fats, Vitamins and Minerals

It’s all about the good fats and calories. Horses, like humans, horses need healthy fats to thrive and feed the body with the energy it needs to tackle day-to-day activities. However, filling up on the wrong kinds of fats, plus sugars and grains commonly found in equine diets, can lead to adverse health effects. As such, many of these horse weight gain supplements contain beneficial "good" fats — vegetable oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil, etc. — for premium fat content and extra energy without the usual side effects.

These fats are important to your horse’s diet because they contain Omega 3s, 6s and 9s. Benefits of these healthy omega fatty acids include improved immune function, reduced inflammation, protection of ligaments and joints, reduced skin allergies and enhanced gastrointestinal function. They also can decrease nervousness and moodiness. Other benefits include healthier skin and hooves in addition to reproductive health.

Just the same as for humans, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) are helpful for your horse. They help to break down fibrous matter in the intestines, producing fatty acids that create energy. Various situations can affect important bacteria, such as travel stress, competition, training stress or even the need for antibiotics to get rid of an infection. Reintroducing healthy gut flora can solve this problem for better health.

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