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Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

Weight Gain Supplements for Horses
Equip your horse with the key nutrients it needs to thrive with muscle growth & weight gain supplements for horses from Schneiders. Shop trusted horse weight gain supplements for horses who suffer from nutritional deficiency, disease, injury, nervousness, or another weight-related condition.
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All About Horse Weight Gain Supplements

Horse weight gain supplements can be an important thing to include in your horse's diet if they have trouble with weight gain. Horses are often prone to health problems that can cause weight loss, especially performance horses who have spent their lives in competition, working around the farm, or being regularly ridden. Many common health problems can leave horses underweight and malnourished, including gastric ulcers, poor‐quality feed, parasite infections, kidney disease, lameness, cancer, and many other conditions. In these conditions, it may be necessary and helpful to weight gain supplements for horses.

Horse weight gain supplements contain all the ingredients needed for optimal equine health, and most are suitable for all types of horses. There are also special weight gain supplements for horses that are older. They're all considered high‐performance dietary horse weight gain supplements which are formulated to be easily digestible and simpler to administer than oil supplements. Plus, many weight gain horse supplements are formulated to be metabolized slowly for greater benefit and stable blood sugar levels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Gain Supplements for Horses

How can I help my horse gain weight fast?

To help your horse gain weight fast use a quality weight gain supplement and a diet designed for weight gain. Consider feeding alfalfa or other high-carb feeds. If your horse is in bad shape you should also limit the amount you ride him until his weight is healthy again.

What nutrients help horses gain weight?

Nutrients that help horses gain weight are Flaxseed meal, full-energy full-fat soybeans, Vitamin E, selenium, probiotics, or prebiotics. In addition, make sure you are feeding your horse grains that are high-carb and full of nutrients.

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