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Western Cavessons

Western Cavessons
Western Cavessons
Schneiders offers a large selection of western nosebands and cavessons to meet all of your horse training needs. Horse nosebands and cavessons are available padded leather or rolled. Choose from popular styles like rope cavessons and cavessons with drop nosebands, flash nosebands, figure-8 nosebands or crank nosebands. Shop top brands like Billy Royal®, Victor Supreme and more!
Dura-Tech® Nylon Rope Caveson
Weaver® Original Leather Noseband
New Item
Double S ® Rolled Nose Caveson

What is a Western Cavesson?

Western cavessons are used with Western headstalls to add a noseband to your western tack.

Cavessons and nosebands help the rider aid the horse by either providing pressure to the horse’s nose, as in the case with a rope cavesson, or pressure and ability to keep the horse’s jaw shut as the case with a drop noseband, flash noseband, figure 8 noseband or crank noseband. Other western noseband features include a ring for a tie down or lunge line attachment or side-pulls.

Horse nosebands are a versatile and useful training aid and can either be an occasional addition to your headstall or match your headstalls leather.

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