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Western Cavessons

Western Caveson
Western Caveson
Outfit your horse with a quality western caveson noseband to train your green horse. Stabilize your bridle with a western caveson to enhance your training routine and the comfort of your horse.
Dura-Tech® Nylon Rope Caveson
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Dura-Tech® Nylon Rope Caveson
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Double S Rolled Nose Caveson for Horses
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Billy Royal® Rolled Nose Harness Leather Caveson
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Billy Royal Rolled Nose Harness Leather Caveson for Horses
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When to use a Western Caveson

The Western Cavesson is a great training tool for green horses and can also be great for horses who like to open their mouth to evade the bit. The western cavesson noseband fits snugly around your horse's nose and buckles under their chin.

Young horses often benefit from having a western cavesson noseband since their natural reaction to bit pressure is to open their mouth. This can help assist trainers when they are teaching the horse how to receive directions from their rider.

A western-styled leather caveson will often be thinner and plainer than english cavesons. When shopping for a western caveson try to select one that matches your other tack so it will be presentable when you enter the ring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Western Cavesons

What is a western caveson used for?

Western Cavesons are used to prevent horses from opening their mouths to evade the bit while being ridden. They are often used for green horses who have not yet learned how to correctly hold a bit in their mouth.

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