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Western Scarves

Western Scarves and Wild Rags
A western scarf or wild rag can be the finishing touch to any outfit. Whether in the show arena, working on the ranch, or hitting the town, from solid to paisley patterns, western neck scarves will help you feel polished and put together.

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Solid Show Scarf
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Solid Show Scarf
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Solid Show Scarf
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Tie Your Outfit Together With a Western Scarf or Wild Rag

Take your horse show outfit to the next level with a western scarf or wild rag. Western pleasure or horsemanship riders might look for a simple neck scarf, whereas ranch or cowhorse riders might opt for a more colorful, patterned wild rag, especially for chilly show days. Outside the show pen, wild rags, which are typically longer than scarves, can elevate a casual outfit, including in other fun styles, such as a headscarf, shirt, or wrap-around skirt.

Frequently Asked Questions About Western Scarves

What are cowboy scarves called?

Cowboy scarves are now often called wild rags. On ranches, cowboys have worn western neck scarves, or bandanas, to protect their skin from dirt, dust, wind, the sun, and the cold in addition to acting as tourniquets, arm slings, bandages, hobbles, napkins, or flags - just to name a few options - when needed. Nowadays, wild rags are still used for practical cowboy purposes but are commonly worn as fashion statements in and out of the show arena.

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