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Synthetic Western Saddles

Synthetic Western Saddles
Synthetic Western Saddles
Outfit your horse with a synthetic western saddle that will perform on the trails and in the ring. Shop our large selection to find the best synthetic western saddle for you and your horse.
Dura-Tech ® Roughout and Synthetic Trail Saddle
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Dura-Tech® Roughout and Synthetic Western Trail Saddle
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Wintec Pro Stock Saddle - Black
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Dura-Tech® Synthetic Western Saddle
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Dura-Tech® Synthetic Western Saddle
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Wintec Round Skirt Western Saddle
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The Synthetic Western Saddle: Pros and Cons

Synthetic material has proven to be a great alternative to leather material in the saddle market. The synthetic western saddle is a relatively new product on the market compared to its leather counterpart and many riders love their synthetic western trail saddle. Here are some pros and cons to think about when you consider buying a synthetic saddle:

Pros of the Synthetic Western Saddle

To start, synthetic western saddles are much cheaper than leather saddles. This can save you a lot of money if you choose to buy synthetic tack. Synthetic Western saddles are also significantly lighter than leather saddles. Typically they are around half the weight of a traditional western saddle. Synthetic Western saddles are also much easier to clean. The synthetic material can simply be whipped down, while leather needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure it lasts.

Cons of the Synthetic Western Saddle

If you plan on showing, a synthetic western saddle is not the best option as they do not stand out or have a lot of bling. They also don’t last as long as leather saddles do, so keep this in mind. Synthetic Western saddles have a less traditional look to them and many riders prefer leather for this reason.

Before buying a synthetic western saddle ensure that your western saddle fits you and your horse properly. The best synthetic western saddle is one that fits!

Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Western Saddles

What is a synthetic western saddle?

A synthetic western saddle is a western saddle made from synthetic materials. They come in many sizes and styles.

What is a synthetic saddle used for?

There are many different kinds of uses for synthetic western saddles. Many riders like to use synthetic saddles for all-purpose riding and trail riding.

Are synthetic saddles good for horses?

Synthetic saddles are just as good for horses as leather saddles as long as they are fitted properly.

Are synthetic saddles as good as leather?

There are many ways that a synthetic saddle is actually better than a leather saddle. Synthetic saddles are cheaper, lighter, and easier to clean than leather saddles. However, leather saddles look more traditional and last longer.

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