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Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System
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Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #1
  • Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view video
  • Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #2
    Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #3
    Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #4
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    Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System view #6
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    Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System

    No More Cold Baths

    Does your horse tense up in anticipation of another cold bath?
    Insta-Hot takes the stress out of bathing for you and your horse, increasing source water temperature up to 40°F warmer for a comfortable bath.

    Hot Water Anywhere

    No outlet? No problem. Igniter powered by 2 D-cell batteries. All you need is a water source. Use at the barn, horse show, garage, shed, and camper at home or on the road.

    Check out our newest model! Click here to see the Insta-Hot® 2!

    Learn More
    Item Availability Quantity Price

    Insta-Hot® System

    in stock
    $199.99 $179.99
    Add $ 10.00 S&H

    Insta-Hot® System with Cart

    in stock
    $289.98 $212.97
    Add $ 10.00 S&H

    Insta-Hot® System with Cart & Basket

    in stock
    $274.97 $224.97
    Add $ 10.00 S&H

    Unlimited Hot Water in Seconds!

    Quick & Convenient:

    Set up is quick and hassle-free. Operation is simple. Results are extraordinary. Simply attach a hose from the incoming water source, start the battery igniter, and have hot water instantly. Control knobs regulate water temperature and flow. Rolls easily into your trailer and takes up little space in tack room or wash stall.

    Multiple Applications:


    Louvered vent top keeps heating unit clean, protected from falling debris, and creates a draft for efficient combustion - more heat, less gas. Automatic safety shut-off after 20 min of non-use.


    1.4 gallons of hot water per minute. Increases source water temperature up to 40º F warmer at 1 gallon per minute. Operates off any propane tank. Up to 18 hours use on a standard 20 lbs. tank (not included). Igniter powered by 2 D-cell batteries (not included). Unit measures 12” x 15” x 4” and weighs 10 lbs.

    What’s in the Box:

    How it Works

    Time for a change


    This is the 2nd Insta Hot I have owned. They both worked great for about a year and then nothing. With my current one the water flow starts, then there is a pop and it sound like a valve is closing and the water output stops. Very frustrating. Time to try a different brand I guess since I am out of the warranty period.


    Seabeck, WA


    Not for cold climates


    Cool idea, terrible execution. I was super excited to have warm water for my horses to drink. I had to purchase my own couplers because the ones provided are junk. It still leaks like crazy. The design is terrible. Trying to hook everything up on the underside with a propane tank directly underneath is ridiculous. There simply is not enough room to connect the hoses without leaks. If you plan on using this when it's actually cold, you will be disappointed. You'll just end up wasting a ton of time, give up, and haul hot water from the house anyway. (To add insult to injury, you'll also be soaking wet and frozen from struggling with this leaking disaster.) Maybe it's fine for hosing horses in the fall and spring, or for use in mild climates...but it certainly is not useful for a NY winter--even when it's stored inside.

    Corgi Mom

    Syracuse NY


    I have recommended this product to others


    We actually use this for the cattle in the barn and at shows and it is great. Keeps them from freezing while we are washing them.


    Allenton, MI


    Great so long as you DO NOT leave it outside below freezing!


    This product is fantastic for us more 'basic' barn owners that do not have hot water running to their wash stall. HOWEVER. We are purchasing our third unit now, because if it is left outdoors in freezing weather - EVEN WITH the valve removed, like the instructions indicate - the unit cracks and is useless. Very frustrating that it cannot be used outdoors in freezing temps, but it's the best option until we build out a permanent hot water solution. I would suggest looking at the Insta 2 at this point, if you're not replacing this model, for the better water pressure & higher temps promised.

    Barn Mom

    Keswick, VA

    horse washer


    This product does provide hot water but it isn't very convenient.

    Pastor Margo

    Hancock, WI


    Not happy with cart


    It's nice to have instant hot water. You have to be careful the water does not get too hot. Very unsatisfied with the cart assembly. It is tippy and unstable very unsafe by horses. I don't have cement to bathe on so I will have to secure it to my fence when I use it.




    Love it!


    I use it for a quick rinse after a ride or for a more thorough wash prepping for a show or parade. I also use it to hose off the dogs with warm water before re-entering the house if they've been romping in the mud. I love that it's portable. I've also used it camping as a cowboy shower! A note of caution: I live in Minnesota. I've left these units out in below freezing temps which destroys the pipes. Remember to bring it indoors for winter.




    Great product


    Now I can keep my horse comfortable at the wash rack

    Horse mom

    Rolling Hills CA


    Works great. Better than expected


    Hot water flow and temperature are better than what I expected




    Relaxed horse ....


    This was a great purchase , my horse used to dance around because of the cold water , don't blame her, but now ,she stands so nice ,is easier to bathe her by myself now !!


    Cando ND



    4.5 323


    Is this safe to use indoors in a wash rack?

    QH girl

    Yes, the Insta Hot is safe to use indoors and or in a wash rack. This unit can also be permanently mounted.


    Is there a warranty?


    Yes, there is a 1 year warranty that would cover any manufacturing defect.


    When you buy the original Instahot for and pay the $224.00+ price, does this include both the Instahot itself and the cart and basket?


    Yes, the $224 includes the original Insta Hot, the cart, the hose, a nozzle, and basket. This is a great deal for the package!


    Hot wash just quite working. It has little water coming out and won't even turn on heat. I've connected to main faucet with good water pressure. Still not much water coming out.


    These carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty and if under warranty would be eligible for replacement. Lack of water pressure may be caused by an internal blockage and the lack of heat may be a result of internal malfunction. Please contact Customer Service with these concerns to see if it is under warranty and how we may be of assistance in resolving the issues.


    This is my second insta hot and I notice that the water never gets hot - it only goes to barely warm. I am in Santa Barbara so weather is relatively warm. I have tried upping and lowering the flow from the spigot as well as water flow on the insta hot. I cannot get the water to come out warm, much less hot! I have it all the way to hottest setting. If I turn it down to lowest temp setting it runs cold, so upping to highest temp setting does have some effect, but only to barely tepid, not even warm! Any suggestions? My other insta hot got hot water, so I know this should do better.


    The water temperature can vary based on the temperature of the incoming water. The tank should heat the water at least 35-40°F warmer than the incoming temperature. If you have adjusted the heater to increase temps and it is still on the cool side, you can contact the manufacturer directly at 866-356-1992.


    How do I open the drain valve? I can't twist it, does it open another way?


    The brass fitting under the unit twists out. It is located near the water input connection and should be removed prior to freezing temps to prevent the fitting from cracking.


    Can this be used for drinking water? My horses trough freezes over in the winter, so I like to add warm water to make thevwater tepid. If it's too cold they won't drink and I'm afraid they'll colic. Plus, I like to switch to using warm water to mix their mash/supplements. It makes them happy. No electricity or other hot water near my barn. Requires many trips to the house (long walk) with buckets. This would do the trick if water is safe for ingestion.

    Need hot water

    It is safe for drinking but the only problem with this is the fact that if the temperatures are below freezing, the fittings and tubing within the unit can crack. The unit should be stored indoors where it is warm and should be drained to keep any water inside from freezing and causing damage.


    I think that my hot wash might need new batteries.What size are they and are they easily assessable?

    Nina McMann

    You would need 2 'D' batteries and they the battery compartment is on the underside of the unit and is very accessible.


    We hooked ours up, leaked like crazy inside the unit. Opened it up and found a coil cracked. Any way to repair a coil?


    Please contact Customer Service. Your unit is under warranty and will be replaced.


    I live in California and our temp is pretty mild here. I have read the reviews and have used the intahot first gen for a camping shower before and it seemed to work good but like the reviews stated, it did leak. Have there been any improvments made on the parts and on the cart design? I've also been told that if you don't have strong water pressure it won't work well. Is that true? Can you use a regular shower nozzle on the end?


    The new generation of Insta Hot has had many improvements along the way. The unit should not leak and if it does, contact our Customer Service staff or the manufacturer directly for a replacement fitting. The cart was redesigned to fit the new units and we have not heard of any issues regarding assembly or compatibility with the unit. The unit should still work nicely without having the strongest of pressure.


    Insta Hot Model Comparison