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Equine Lifter Correction Bits & Shank Bits

Lifter bits are designed to simplify the communication from the riders hand to the horse encouraging him to break at the poll and lift at the shoulder.

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Equine Lifter Correction Bits & Shank Bits

You’ll always get a great deal on a quality lifter bit when you trust the experts at Schneiders for your horse tack needs. These bits reduce the amount of pressure within the mouth while creating a clear signal to break at the poll and lift at the shoulder. The purchase height allows the chin strap to be positioned higher which stops the mouthpiece for exerting pressure. Our selection of lifter training bits are used by the leading modern trainers and are approved by most official breed organizations for use in getting your horse correctly aligned.

We guarantee satisfaction on these DM lifter bits, which are ideal for transitioning a horse from the snaffle bit to the full bridle. Most training bits exert uneven pressure on the tongue, mouth and chin, which is good for sending more types of signals but can lead to confusion. An equine lifter bit will apply pressure evenly along the mouth and poll – and does so without any leverage necessary. Regular lifter bits take about 50 percent of the pressure off the mouth compared to conventional bits, while a turbo lifter bit eases about 90 percent of the pressure. Either option ensures the horse receives a distinct and proper signal.

Durable correction lifter bits from Schneiders are a useful alternative to gag bits for barrel racers, as they provide a quicker response and are less likely to make a horse pushy. Stainless steel lifter bits are strong and highly polish-able, while silver cheek sweet iron lifter bits rust over time to cause salivation in the horse’s mouth. Both types of bits have independent swivel cheeks to help prepare a horse for the main signal and allow each side to be worked separately. Add one to your bit collection with our great prices and free shipping on qualifying orders to simplify communication when training.