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Mullen / Low Port Bits

Mullen bits and low port curb bits apply minimal pressure to the palate and tongue. With most of the pressure applied to the bars of the mouth, this bit is considered relatively mild.

  • Mouthpiece will measure 5", low port bits have 1" port.
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FES Sweet Iron Low Port Grazing Bit
This lightweight, low port grazing bit is a nice transition for younger horses or an all-around bit for horse of all ages. It has engraved aluminum swept back loose cheeks that pre-signal the horse when cues are coming. The sweet iron mouth piece has copper inlay to promote salivation and will rust over time, which produces an even sweeter taste. This bit applies gentle tongue relief and moderate palate pressure.

Features include:

  • Aluminum loose shanks are nicely engraved and are more forgiving than solid shanks
  • Swept back cheeks offer advanced warning that a signal is coming
  • Gentle tongue relief and moderate palate pressure
  • Sweet iron with copper inlay promotes salivation and increases sensitivity
  • Shanks: 7 ½”
  • Mouth: 5”
  • Port: 1 ¼” 
$44.99 $34.99
This is a great bit for horses that are sensitive to palate pressure. This is a mild transition bit for horses stepping up from a traditional snaffle bit. Features include flat, loose shanks, a forward mouthpiece, barrel roller and copper inlay to promote salivation. The Mullen Barrel bit applies pressure directly to the tongue and the bars of the mouth.

$34.99 $29.99
Free Shipping!
Myler Embossed 7 Shank Ported Barrel
  • Stainless steel embossed cheeks in a classic scroll design pattern
  • Sweet iron mouthpiece with narrow medium square ported barrel
  • Ported mouth offers tongue relief while applying pressure to the bars
  • Mouthpiece features copper inlay to encourage and promote salivation
  • Polished sweet iron naturally rusts or oxidizes which has a sweet taste
  • Cheeks:  8”
  • Level:  2-3
  • Mouth:  5”
  • Port height:  1”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”
  • How to Measure your Western Bit
$133.95 $122.99
  • Nice bit to use a transition bit from traditional snaffle to shank style
  • Lower port is relatively mild and applies pressure directly to the bars
  • Flat stainless steel cheeks, mouthpiece and center roller
  • Loose cheeks prevent pinching in the corners of the mouth
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  7”
  • Port:  1”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”
$33.99 $29.99
Best Seller
FES Bit Western Jointed Port/Roller Mouth
  • Great training bit to encourage suppling, balance and flexation
  • Low jointed port allows each side of the bit to work separately
  • Swept back shank decreases hand to mouth reaction time
  • Flared top rings help to eliminate pinching the horses cheeks
  • Stainless steel pinchless loose cheeks, mouthpiece and roller
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  6”
  • Port:  1¼”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”
$28.99 $19.99
  • Great bit for softening the mouth of an older, well broke horse
  • Leverage bit that applies pressure directly to the bars of the mouth
  • Stainless steel curb and cheeks with a sweet iron mouthpiece
  • Sweet iron increases salivation and taste increases as bit oxidizes
  • This is not a bit for inexperienced horses or riders
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  7 ½”
  • Bit diameter:  7/16”
  • How to Measure your Western Bit
$56.99 $44.99
Free Shipping!
Myler Ported Barrel Bit
  • Great bit for the finished horse or horses with advanced skills
  • Bit provides downward pressure to the bars and allows some palate pressure
  • Curved mouthpiece and port eliminate tongue pressure and allow horses to swallow
  • Stainless steel flat cheeks with polished sweet iron w/copper inlay mouthpiece
  • Natural oxidation will enhance the sweet taste and promote salivation
  • Independent side movement to allow riders to give more advanced signals
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Level:  3
  • Port height:  1 ½”
  • Cheeks:  5 1/4”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”
  • How to Measure your Western Bit
$115.48 $109.99
  • Great bit for reining horses and working cow horses
  • Low port is jointed and each side can be worked individually
  • Revolutionary design eliminates pinching the tongue and the cheeks
  • Stainless steel cheeks and mouthpiece with coppery inlay
  • Copper promotes salivation and increases sensitivity in the mouth
  • Pinchless cheeks for maximum comfort
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  7 1/2”
  • Port:  1 ½”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”
  • How to Measure your Western Bit
$56.99 $44.99