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Mecates / Bosal / Hangers

Superior quality 12 plait rawhide bosals are ideal for training or show. Nicely balanced to achieve necessary pressure to encourage flexing at the poll. Soft to the hand mecates form a perfect drape.

  • Fits average to large horses
  • Bosals will fit show headstalls
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Billy Royal® Bosal Set with Futurity Headstall
  • All of the components needed to complete your bosal for the show ring
  • Headstall is handcrafted from Grade A leather with basket weave tooling
  • Headstall features browband, flared cheeks and leather rosettes at bit ends
  • 5/8” bosal is made of 12 plait rawhide braided in the classic zigzag pattern 
  • Color accents at the top of the nose band and on the heel knot
  • Nylon rope mecate with leather end
  • Colors: Light oil with natural bosal or dark oil with black bosal
$189.99 $129.99
More Colors Available
Double S Rawhide Bosal With Ball End

Featuring 32 plait, hand braided rawhide bosals with a ball end, this well-made bosal offers functionality and a classic stylish design.

$89.99 $69.99
More Colors Available
Double S Rawhide Bosal

Featuring 36 plait, hand braided rawhide bosals, this well-made bosal offers functionality and a classic stylish design.

$89.99 $69.99
More Colors Available
  • Outstanding quality, exceptional feel and excellent value
  • Made with durable, smooth hand braided nylon
  • Rawhide knotted ‘popper’ and a synthetic horse hair tassel
  • Easy to tie and nicely balance to create a beautiful drape
  • Color:  Black or brown
  • ½” diameter and 22’ long
$44.99 $29.99
More Colors Available

Schneiders has a large inventory of Western horse tack for various disciplines, including specialty gear like mecates, bosal and bosal hangers. These pieces of equipment together form a hackamore, which is classic headstall that is used in the vaquero tradition. Our premium quality rawhide bosals are designed for use in training or at shows. Billy Royal® bosals are designed to fit show headstalls.

What is a Vaquero?

The traditional American cowboy of the late 1800s came out of the Mexican vaquero traditions. Vaquero are livestock herders, a tradition that originated in the Iberian Peninsula. They are still part of a Spanish tradition of horse-riding workers, brought to Mexico from Spain.

What Comprises a Hackamore Headstall?

A Hackamore headstall includes a noseband, of several different materials, a hanger or headstall and a mecate or reins. The bosal is a noseband, which is used along with the hanger, or headstall, which is placed over the horse’s head, behind its ears. The mecate is the reins. The bosal style hackamore is commonly used for training young horses. Traditionally, a mecate was made from horsehair, and is approximately 20 to 25 feet in length.

How Do You Fit a Bosal to Your Horse?

For proper fitting of a bosal to your horse, you first measure from the inside of the horse’s nose button to the top of its heel knot. This will give you the right size, which will typically be between 10 and 12 inches. Shape the bosal and branches of the bosal to your horse for even pressure without any pinching or squeezing. Adjust the hanger for the proper position and tie the mecate, fine-tuning the hackamore adjustments as necessary.

A hackamore headstall provides a bitless alternative for effectively communicating with your horse.