Which Stable Blanket Fit is Right for My Horse?

Finding the right stable blanket for your horse is important because a great-fitting blanket will keep your horse comfortable and protected. After all, the better your blanket fits, the more your horse will want to wear it… and not try to remove it!

In order to find the best blanket for your horse, we must first determine the points of your horse’s conformation that matter for blankets.

1. Is your horse’s shoulder sloped or upright?

Is Your Horse's Shoulder Sloped or Upright?

Our premium fit blankets are designed with your horse’s conformation in mind. Fitted V-Free® blankets are specifically designed for horses with sloped shoulders, like Quarter Horses or Arabians, while VTEK® blankets are specially designed for horses with upright shoulders, like Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, or Appendix horses.

2. Is your horse wide or narrow?

Is Your Horse Wide or Narrow chested?

Our Adjusta-Fit® system adjusts the width of the neck opening so you can get a perfect fit, no matter whether you have a chunky, wide Quarter Horse or Warmblood, or a narrow, fine-boned Arabian or Thoroughbred.

3. Are your horse’s withers high or low? Is your horse’s head carriage high or low?

Is Your Horse's Head Carriage High or Low?

Ill-fitting blankets will most often rub horses on the withers. Our premium line of VTEK® and V-Free® blankets are specifically designed to accommodate high withered horses using a special V of fabric which “tents” over top of the withers, relieving the pressure felt from competitive blankets. If your horse also has a high head carriage, our Cutback fit is designed to leave the entire neck, mane and withers uncovered, preventing any discomfort from rubbing. If your horse has a low head carriage, our closed-front blankets are designed with a Deep-V which provides extra space at the base of the neck.

4. Is your Equine friend a Draft, Horse, Pony or Mini?

Is Your Equine Friend a Mini, Pony, Horse or Draft?

We guarantee that we have the right blanket for your equine, or your money back! From a huge 18 hand, 2,000lb Draft Horses wearing a Size 96 blanket down to a tiny 30”, 200lb Miniature Horse wearing a size 36 blanket, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. To determine your horse’s blanket size, measure from the center of the chest to the edge of the tail. The number of inches from this measurement is also your horse’s blanket size. Any width, any conformation, any breed, any height, we’ve got the perfect blanket for you!

Schneider's 4 Original Horse Blanket Fits

With our four original designs with patented features we guarantee there’s a fit for any horse’s conformation. But how do you know what fit will work best for your horse? We’ve compiled a fit guide for our four styles to help you decide.

Fitted V-Free®

Fitted V-Free Horse Stable Blankets

Our Fitted V-Free® Stables are designed for horses with sloped shoulder conformation, meaning that the horse has a long shoulder that is more horizonal from withers to point of shoulder. Breeds that have this type of conformation are Stock breeds; like Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, and Light Saddle or Harness breeds; like Arabians, Morgans or Tennessee Walkers. This design includes our patented Adjusta-Fit system, which adjusts the width of the neck opening so the exact same fitted V-Free® blanket fits a wide, hefty Quarter Horses as well as it fits a narrow fine-boned Arabian.

With the Fitted V-Free® design, rubbing is prevented through our patented V-Free® wither design which relieves wither pressure for horses with low to moderate withers. With it’s larger neck opening, the Fitted V-Free® design also leaves the mane uncovered.


VTEK Wither Relief Horse Stable Blankets

Our VTEK® Wither Relief Stables are designed for horses with upright shoulder conformation, meaning that the horse has a shorter, more vertical shoulder and higher, more prominent withers. Breeds that have this type of conformation are Thoroughbreds, Appendix horses and Warmblood breeds. This design also includes our patented Adjusta-Fit® system, which adjusts the width of the neck opening so the exact same VTEK® blanket fits a wide, chunky Warmblood or Draft-Cross as well as it fits a narrow Thoroughbred.

Our patented VTEK® Wither Relief technology is made of an extra V of fabric at the withers which removes pressure from moderate and high withers. This design covers 6-8 inches of the mane to relieve pressure and prevent rubbing on the wither. These blankets also have a longer side drop and an enlarged tail cover to offer extra protection from wind, precipitation, and rubbing.


Cutback Horse Stable Blankets

Our Cutback blankets are designed for horses with an upright head carriage. Breeds that generally have this type of conformation are Arabians, Morgans, Friesians, Saddlebreds, and Tennessee Walkers.

Our Cutback blanket design has a large neck opening which leaves the mane uncovered, and a special notch cut back around the wither. This provides a rub-free fit for horses with an upright head carriage. The Cutback Stable also has our Adjusta-Fit® system to allow you to customize the neck opening of the blanket to fit your horse best.

A Great fitting blanket keeps your horse warm, comfortable and protected!

We hope this guide has helped to simplify the options so that you can choose the perfect fit for your horse. If you have further questions or would like to verify your blanket choice will fit your horse, call our blanket experts at: 800.365.1311