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Color Enhancing Shampoos

Color Enhancing Shampoos
Color Enhancing Shampoos
Use the finest color-enhancing horse shampoos from Schneiders to add rich, vibrant color. We carry shampoo for gray horses, brown horses, white horses and many other coats. They’re formulated by industry-leading brands such as EquiFUSE®, Ultra, Exhibitor’s and Vetrolin®.

Benefits of Whitening Shampoo for Horses

Regular bathing is a must as part of a proper horse care and grooming regimen. Horse color-enhancing shampoo adds even more to a horse’s show-readiness. These cleaners intensify the natural rich color of the coat, mane or tail, restoring hair that has faded due to sun damage or debris. Color-enhancing shampoo also does what any other good equine shampoo does, gently lifting away dirt and stains while reducing skin irritation.

Enhance Your Horse’s Color with Premium Shampoo

There are several types of coloring shampoos to help horses shine. Color-brightening shampoos such as Vetrolin White ‘N Brite are usually formulated for light-colored hair. They also can enhance the highlights on a darker coat. Some shampoos work on all hues to bring out their inherent beauty. You also can find shampoos for specific hair colors that strengthen the natural shade without harmful dyes.

Whether you need purple horse shampoo, blue horse shampoo or have a horse of another color, Schneiders will help them look brilliant. We have color-enhancing horse shampoos for long hair, moisturizing shampoos, scented shampoos and many more. You’ll receive a low-price guarantee with free shipping on qualifying orders from a trusted brand.

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