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Wooden Saddle Racks

Wooden Saddle Racks
Wooden Saddle Racks
Wooden saddle racks from Schneiders add an authentic touch to any stable environment. Showcase your English saddle in style on a wooden saddle rack while protecting your most expensive piece of tack from wet floors and damage.
Rack Strength
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Easy-Up® Collapsible Wooden Saddle Rack
save 31%
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The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 25 Reviews
Berlin Brass Solid Brass and Wood Saddle Rack
save 30%
Free Shipping
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 1 Review

Why Wooden Saddle Racks Are a Good Choice

Your English riding saddle is likely your most expensive piece of tack. Protect your investment while showcasing its beauty on a wooden saddle rack from Schneiders.

English riding saddles are smaller and lighter than Western saddles, which gives you more options for storing or displaying. If there‘s already a large, bulky metal saddle rack in your stable, your English saddle might get lost among those larger saddles. A wooden saddle rack fits seamlessly with rustic wood-filled surroundings and keeps your English saddle off the ground and right at hand.

We‘ve included wooden saddle racks that are easy to install in minutes and beautifully finished with metals like steel or brass. You‘ll even find collapsible styles that fold away discreetly when you don‘t need them, making the most of small stable spaces.

A Long History of Equestrian Excellence

Since 1948, Schneiders has brought quality, innovation and great customer service to the equestrian industry. Our family-owned business is committed to enhancing your riding, showing and training experience with brands you trust to give you and your horse the best chances of success. Find everything you need right here, from apparel to trailer supplies and everything in between.

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