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Medicated Shampoos

Medicated Shampoos
Medicated Shampoos
Give your horse the care it needs from our collection of antifungal and medicated shampoo for horses. These powerful tea tree natural shampoos gently remove dirt and debris from damaged skin. Speed up treatment with a solution from trusted brands.
Vetrolin Bath 64 Oz.
Ultra® Medicated Tea Tree Shampoo

Treat Skin Conditions with Antifungal Horse Shampoo

Medicated horse shampoos are formulated to clean hair and skin while providing relief for common equine skin ailments. These specialty shampoos treat fungal disorders, girth itch, rain rot, yeast infections, ringworm and other conditions. They are also effective for soothing dry, itchy and irritated skin.

There are two primary types of medicated shampoo:

Iodine Shampoo for Horses: Formulated with up to 10% iodine to provide deep cleaning that treats skin problems. It can also be used to help prevent contamination.

Tea Tree Shampoo: This natural shampoo contains tea tree essential oil that has been proven to fight fungal and bacterial conditions. It can be used on the coat, mane or tail.

All-Natural Medicated Equine Shampoos

We sell shampoos from leading companies that go to work fast. Shapley’s™ Medi-Care™ Shampoo uses a blend of tea tree oil and lemongrass oil, the latter of which is both an insecticide and antiseptic. Schneiders also has medicated shampoos from Ultra® and Excalibur® that nourish the skin, produce a shinier coat and don’t leave behind residue. Use them every day or as part of a treatment regimen with our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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