Horse blankets are a valuable investment, so keeping them in good condition is crucial. In this blog post, we'll share some valuable tips on how to fold and store your horse blankets efficiently. When you properly take care of your blankets, they will stay in tip-top shape and last longer.

Before folding and storing your blankets, check out How to Care for Your Horse Blankets and How to Re-Waterproof Your Horse Blanket.

How to Fold Your Horse Blankets

Maintaining the condition and durability of horse blankets depends on proper folding and storage. Whether folding for storage or hanging on a stall, follow these four simple steps to neatly store your blankets for the next winter season. Taking the time to store them correctly helps prevent damage and extends their lifespan.

How to Fold Your Horse Blanket in Bag

Fold Your Horse Blankets for Storage

Properly folding and storing your horse blankets is essential for maintaining their condition. Here are simple steps to follow for both storage options:

  1. Lay the blanket on a clean, flat surface, folded at the spine with the surcingle/bellyband side facing you.
  2. Bring the belly straps up and tuck them onto the body of the blanket.
  3. Fold the back and front of the blanket towards the middle, reducing its size by a third.
  4. Finally, fold the bottom of the blanket up to the top. For thinner sheets and coolers, you can fold it one more time.

Following these steps will keep your horse blankets organized and in good condition.

How to Fold Your Horse Blanket on Rack

Fold Your Horse Blankets to Hang on the Stall

If have limited storage space or prefer easy access to your horse blankets, hanging them on the stall door is a practical solution. Remember to fold them properly beforehand to avoid wrinkles or damage. Follow these four simple steps to fold your blankets like a pro and keep your barn aisle neat and organized.

  1. Lay the blanket flat on a clean surface, folded at the spine with the surcingle/bellyband side facing you.
  2. Bring the belly straps up and tuck them onto the body of the blanket.
  3. Fold the blanket over so that the spine and bottom meet.
  4. Pick up the blanket from the middle and fold it, then fold it in the middle again. This will help you hang the blanket neatly on a stall front blanket bar.

How to Store Your Horse Blankets

Properly caring for your horse blankets goes beyond just cleaning and folding them. To ensure their durability and protect them from dust, rodents, insects, and weather damage, follow these simple steps before storing them:

  1. Clean your horse blankets thoroughly using the techniques outlined in How to Care for Your Horse Blankets.
  2. Re-waterproof your horse blankets to maintain their effectiveness and durability. Learn how to do this with the helpful guide in How to Re-Waterproof Your Horse Blanket.
  3. Inspect your blankets for any holes or damages and repair them promptly.

Once you have completed these steps, you can properly store your winter horse blankets. This ensures they remain protected, tidy, and out of the way when not in use.

Where to Store Your Horse Blankets

Horse Blanket Bags

Looking for a practical solution to store your horse blankets? Look no further than our wide range of Horse Blanket Bags. Available in various sizes and materials, these bags are a popular choice among horse owners. With options to hang them in your tack room or stall doors, these polyester or nylon bags are durable and far superior to plastic storage bags. Choose stall front bags to keep your horse's blankets accessible all year round. Alternatively, opt for storage bags without straps for flexible storage in your hayloft, feed, or tack room. These bags are perfect for stacking and coordinating multiple blankets for each horse. Plus, many of our blanket bags feature built-in label slots or see-through sections to easily identify the contents.

Vacuumed Sealed Bags

Looking to maximize space? Our vacuum-sealed storage bags are an excellent choice. These clear bags offer a convenient way to identify the blankets stored inside. You can use them on their own or with other horsewear storage bags or tubs to accommodate more blankets.

Plastic Tubs

If critters are a concern, consider using plastic tubs or totes for your blanket storage needs. Unlike horsewear storage bags, these tubs offer a standalone stacking option and additional protection against unwanted visitors.

Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Horse Blankets

  • Label your blanket bags or totes with the size, weight, and your horse's name for easy organization. This will save you time and effort when searching for the right blankets and sheets during fall and winter. Additionally, tagging each blanket individually helps identify the appropriate weight for your horse.

  • Before storing your blanket, inspect and replace any missing or damaged elastic leg straps or tail cords. Avoid the frustration of finding out your blanket is missing essential components when you need it the most.

  • Even after washing, blankets can develop a musty odor from prolonged storage. Add a few dryer sheets to your blanket storage bag or tote to keep your blankets fresh throughout the storage season.

  • For heavily soiled or smelly blankets, consider using Schneiders® Odor Eliminator as an additive in the wash cycle. This powerful product eliminates odors caused by mold, mildew, urine, or manure. It can also be diluted in a spray bottle for quick deodorization.

  • Over time, the waterproofing of your turnout blankets may wear off. Revitalize their water resistance with Schneiders® Spray On Blanket Re-Proofer, a convenient spray-on treatment that extends the lifespan of your turnout blankets or sheets.

Storing your winter horse blankets doesn't have to be a hassle. Follow these tips, tricks, and storage steps to simplify your blanket storage routine. Feel free to share your own folding techniques or storage hacks for horse blankets with us!