Investing in a durable fly sheet is essential for keeping your horse happy and healthy throughout the year. As a horse owner, you may have noticed that fly sheets are not always the most durable pieces of equipment. Thin and easily torn, they can quickly become a frustrating expense. In today’s post, we will explore three of the most durable horse fly sheets available. If you’re tired of constantly replacing your horse's fly sheet due to their playful nature, read on to learn more.

    Dura-Mesh Fly Sheets

  1. Dura-Mesh Fly Sheets
  2. The Dura-Mesh Fly Sheet is the most durable fly sheet on the market that comes in multiple fits that accommodate low to high-withered horses. Featuring an exceptionally durable vinyl coated 1000D Dura-Mesh material with a 70% UV protection rating, can withstand hard play turnout.. This is a perfect, lasting choice if your horse’s turnout has other playful horses, rocked terrain, or numerous trees. By selecting a durable, open-weave mesh material, you can be sure your horse’s fly sheet will stay in one piece while they play in the sun. The durable Dura-Mesh Fly Sheet gives your horse the ultimate protection and comfort! 3 year warranty.

    RipGuard Fly Sheet

  3. RipGuard Fly Sheets
  4. It’s bound to happen - your horse playing in the pasture and ripping their fly sheet. Fortunately, when you invest in a RipGuard Fly Sheet, you’re investing in a fly sheet that’s meant for playful horses and repairs itself against snags! It really does! This fly sheet is in a league of its own. It comes in multiple fits to accommodate low to high-withered horses, and the diamond interwoven 350D x 600D soft mesh has a 70% UV protection rating. With this sheet, when you see a snag rub the fabric back and forth in your hands to repair small snags. 3 year warranty.

    Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheets

  5. Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheets
  6. When it comes to fly sheets for your horse, durability is key. That's why the Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheets are the perfect choice for those looking for reliable insect protection that can withstand playful turnout. Made from an extra-fine “window screen” 350D nylon mesh, this fly sheet offers maximum protection against all flying insects while providing up to 60% protection against harmful UV radiation. With its form-fitted design, this fly sheet fits comfortably on your horse's body, giving them a custom fit that won't shift or rub.It even comes in multiple fits that accommodate low to high-withered horses, plus an attached neck cover option for those who want extra protection! 2 year warranty.

Investing in a durable fly sheet for your horse is an excellent way to protect them from insects and environmental conditions while ensuring their comfort. Durable horse fly sheets from Schneiders offer features such as ripstop material, UV protection, and breathability to ensure longevity and maximum protection for your equine companion. Head over to our Fly Sheet Guide to learn more about our top picks and make an informed decision about which fly sheet best suits your needs.

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