How to Shed Out Your Horse's Winter Coat

The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer, and your horse’s long, fuzzy winter coat that protected them from the cold temperatures is ready to shed out for springtime. It’s exciting to think about the summer coat your horse is about to sport, but the month-long shedding means hair will be everywhere. If you’re looking for tips to speed up the hairy process, keep reading! In this blog, we will share steps to helping your horse shed and our favorite tools for speeding up the process of dreadful shedding.

5 Steps for Shedding Out Your Horse's Winter Coat

Now that you know which tools are my favorite, I will share with you my steps for shedding out my horse’s winter coat.

  1. Curry Comb Your Horse EVERYWHERE
  2. Using a traditional rubber curry comb, and a lot of elbow grease, apply a decent amount of pressure and curry your horse in circular motions all over their body. This will help you break up the mud and loosen the hair for easier shedding.

  3. Use a Shedding Blade for Heavy Hair Removal
  4. After I curry my horse, I use a shedding blade against the grain of my horse’s hair to pull out excess hair. The shedding blade will help remove the largest amount of hair quickly. I typically use this all over the body but not on the legs and face.

  5. Use Grooming Gloves for the Face and Legs
  6. I then pull on my grooming gloves because they’re a great shedding tool for your horse’s legs and face. Since the legs are contoured, you can really wrap your hands around them and get areas that would typically be harder to reach with a shedding blade. You can also use grooming gloves on your horse’s face, applying gentle pressure and massaging the hair off.

  7. Use a Hard Bristle Brush for Clean Up
  8. To brush out the loose hair, I like to finish with my hard bristle brush. This brush helps smooth out your horse’s long hair, while also shedding out your horse in the process.

  10. The shedding process isn’t complete after one grooming. By repeating this cycle of using a curry comb, shedding blade, grooming gloves, and magic brush, you can help speed up the process and get to a beautiful summer coat quicker.

Top 10 Shedding Tools to Use for Speeding Up Shedding

Helping your horse shed is not a tidy process. Hair gets everywhere and sticks to everything. To help speed up the shedding process, here are a few tools to use:

    Schneiders Shed-n-blade Sweat Scraper

  1. Schneiders Shed-N-Blade Sweat Scraper
  2. This is one of the most common shedding tools for horses, and it’s personally my favorite to use. This is one of the best, double-sized, all-around, multi-purpose tools in your grooming bag. The serrated toothed edge works great to remove shedding hair quickly, while the smooth edge is great for removing water or sweat.

    SripHair Gentle Groomer

  3. StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ Horse Grooming Tool
  4. The StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ Grooming Tool is another versatile tool that removes hair, dirt, and dander while adding shine to the coat. Although it’s more expensive than most grooming tools, it’s very popular due to how quick it sheds your horse while being soft enough to use on your horse’s face and legs. Not only is it great for shedding out your horse, but people also use this tool as a massager, sweat scraper, and to bathe.

    SleekEz Shedding Block

  5. SleekEZ Shedding Block
  6. The SleekEZ shedding block features a patented blade with serrated tooth pattern designed for quick and easy hair removal. Using short, easy strokes, it’s very helpful in removing your horse’s winter coat. It works by grabbing at the tips of the hair to extract them without painful tugging. One specific reason I love having this tool during shedding season is that it’s great for getting hair off your saddle pads after you ride.

    Traditional Rubber Curry

  7. Traditional Rubber Curry
  8. If you’re a horse lover, you’re familiar with a curry comb. These are great for everyday use, removing embedded mud, massaging skin, stimulating natural oils, and even loosening hair. Although this is not the easiest tool for shedding out your horse, with a little elbow grease, it works wonders. I use a curry comb as my first step in shedding out my horse, which we will discuss later.

    Ultra Shedding Spray

  9. Ultra® Shedding Spray for Horses, Dogs, and Cats
  10. This is a new product we can all agree is a must-have! Spring shedding can be the worst, but with the Ultra® Shedding Spray, you can speed up their shedding time! This amazing product targets dead hair follicles to loosen them up faster while conditioning the skin and hair of your horse to bring out a brilliant, shiny coat!

    Ultra Shedding Block

  11. Ultra® Shedding Block
  12. A shedding block is an inexpensive item that is a great tool for shedding out your horse. This simple block can help shed your horse’s winter coat in half the time and is the ideal solution for a horse that may be too sensitive for a traditional shedding blade. The block is made from lightweight fiberglass, and you just have to scrape is across a hard surface to restore it after dirt and hair build up. I love having this block for removing hair towards the end of the season and removing bot eggs in the summer. The block seems like it will last forever and can groom up to 10-12 horses.

    Decker SS Reversible Spiral Curry Comb

  13. Decker SS Reversible Spiral Curry Comb
  14. This popular curry comb is a great tool for shedding out horses in the spring, but it’s not the best tool for sensitive skinned horses. The two-sided tool has stainless steel “teeth” that are designed to get out the thickest of hairs. One side is for fine, thin hair and the other side is designed for thick coarse, shedding coats. This tool will stay in your barn forever and you will use it a million times.

    HandsOn Grooming Gloves

  15. HandsOn® Grooming Gloves
  16. Grooming gloves are a great product for shedding out your horse, because they allow you to reach areas that you couldn’t normally reach with a normal curry comb. The rubber nodules on the fingers and palms of the glove are tough enough to remove caked dirt and loosen hair, but soft enough to use in sensitive areas and contoured places like your horse’s face and legs.

    Oster Clipmaster Horse Clippers

  17. Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Horse Clippers
  18. If you want to quickly skip through shedding season, many people opt for just body clipping their horses instead. The Oster® Variable Speed Clipmaster is perfect for detailed clipping on horses. They’re lightweight, cool running versatile clippers will get the shedding job done quickly and efficiently.

    Wahl Cordless Horse Clippers

  19. Wahl® Acro SE Cordless Clipper
  20. Although not as heavy duty as a true body clipper, these compact cordless clippers will help you with detailing your horse’s legs, face, and ears when clipping. These are my favorite clippers that I own due to how quite they are. They’re easy to travel with and are perfect for cleaning up your horse when needed.

With these steps and 10 products, you’ll feel like shedding season came and went in a flash.