If you trailer your horse, it is imperative that your horse's legs are protected. While we would love to wrap them up tight in bubble wrap, it's not feasible! That is where shipping wraps and boots come in. These essential pieces of traveling gear give you peace of mind that your horse's legs will stay free from scratches and other injuries while on the road.

With so many different shipping boots and wraps on the market, which is the best for your horse? That's where we come in. Below, we will tell you exactly which shipping boots and wraps work best for your horse and wallet.

What are horse shipping boots?

Horse shipping boots are designed to protect a horse's legs from trauma during transport. As we all know, horses get themselves in all kinds of trouble, and it takes nothing for them to get in trouble in the trailer. With shipping boots and shipping wraps, you don't have to worry about nicks, cuts, or other injuries potentially happening to your horse's legs while in transit.

Should you wrap your horse’s legs for trailering

Yes, you should wrap your horse’s legs for trailering. Horse transportation can be extremely dangerous. A horse has to balance the entire time that you are traveling. That means they must balance through quick stops, turns, lane changes, and more. It's very easy for them to slip while inside the trailer. Plus, what's most worrisome is other drivers. Many drivers don't respect the wide berth you need to give a trailer. People cut trailers off, follow too close, and stop too fast without thinking about the trailer in front of them or behind them.

That's why shipping gear helps to mitigate these risks. Shipping boots and shipping wraps are specially designed with ripstop exteriors and plush interiors to cushion your horse's legs and protect them from potential injury and harm. Your horse already has to spend so much of their time in a trailer compensating for the movement. An injury will just add to your horse's discomfort and could cause them to fear being in a trailer. With shipping wraps and boots, these issues are no longer a worry.

Types of Shipping Boots and Wraps

While shipping boots and shipping wraps do similar work, they are different types of gear. Shipping wraps have a padded inner lining of cotton batting or quilted pads that wrap around the legs. A shipping bandage is often used around the padding. While they cover the same area as shipping boots, they are a bit more cumbersome. Shipping wraps must fit over the heel and the coronary band; if wrapped incorrectly, your horse's tendons can be injured.

Shipping boots are fairly easy to use and great for equestrians who may be novices at wrapping legs. You simply put them in place and pull the straps closed. They are very easy to put on and pull off! However, You should ensure that the shipping boots are the correct size for your horse. These boots usually have an exterior of ripstop polyester or nylon, making them tough and hardy for the road ahead.

The 6 Best Shipping Boots and Wraps for Horses

    Dura-Tech Elite Pro Shipping Boots

  1. Dura-Tech® Elite Pro Shipping Boots
  2. These shipping boots are built tough to provide superior comfort and protection while trailering. The tough 600D poly outer reinforced heel guard shields your horse's leg from kicks and scrapes. The cushy nylon lining with extra padding at the hoof absorbs impact and prevents chafing, keeping your horse protected and comfortable. The contoured design and reinforced hook and loop closures are paramount to a safe, secure fit.

    Dura-Tech Fleece Lined Shipping Boots

  3. Dura-Tech® Fleece Lined Shipping Boots
  4. These full-length, shaped shipping boots extend above the knee and hocks for the most coverage. The soft fleece lining prevents rubs while cushioning and comforting your horse's legs. The tough 600D ripstop polyester outer shell adds durability, and the contour design with wide hook and loop closure straps make for an easy on and off. Plus, they feature reinforced PVC heel bulb covers for extra protection.

    Dura-Tech Premium Shipping Boots

  5. Dura-Tech® Premium Shipping Boots 14" Pair
  6. These premium shipping boots contour around the leg and have a flared bottom to cover the top of the hoof. The heavy-duty nylon outer has a thick polyester fleece lining, ensuring your horse's legs are comfortable while staying protected. The four hook and loop straps offer secure closure and a snug fit while being easy to put on. These boots are great for long or short trips and are sold in pairs.

    Professional's Choice Shipping Boots

  7. Professional's Choice® Shipping Boots
  8. These boots cover the coronary bands, heels, pasterns, fetlocks, knees, and hocks for the ultimate protection. The 600 denier exterior and heavy-duty form interior keep your horse comfortable while offering complete protection during travel. The leather strike patch at the bottom offers reinforcement and overreach protection. With this set of four boots, you know your horse will be protected regardless of travel.

    UltraFlex Quilted Leg Wraps

  9. UltraFlex® Quilted Leg Wraps
  10. You'll have ease of mind with these quilted leg wraps! The ideal thickness of these wraps provides extraordinary protection, while the quilted filling provides comfort. Easy to use, they won't bunch up during application, making for a secure fit time after time. These shipping wraps are perfect for understanding wraps for trailering and even after-workout support.

    Don't forget your standing wrap!

    UltraFlex Extra Puffy Quilted Leg Wraps

  11. UltraFlex® Extra Puffy Quilted Leg Wraps
  12. With these quilted wraps, your horse will feel like their legs are wrapped in a cloud. Perfect for providing added support, the extra thick design guarantees your horses will stay comfortable and cool thanks to the breathable material. These wraps are made with a durable cotton/polyester shell and fiberfill batting. These leg wraps won't bunch up, allowing for a smooth and even application time after time.

    Don't forget your standing wrap!

How to Fit Your Shipping Wrap

The right size for your shipping wraps and shipping boots is crucial. As we mentioned earlier, ill-fitting shipping wraps can injure your horse's sensitive tendons. Plus, if horses spend too much time in ill-fitting boots or wraps, your horse's ligaments can suffer long-term damage that requires several months of rehabilitation and repair.

Before shopping, measure from the coronary band up the leg to the knee or the hock joint. Once you have those measurements, you can compare them to those listed on each shipping boot or shipping wrap on our website. Each piece of gear has the dimensions for each size, making it an easy decision! Be sure to try on your new shipping boots or shipping wraps, preferably with a trainer or a knowledgeable equestrian friend. Two sets of eyes are often better than one, and you both might be able to spot if the wraps are too tight or loose. Wraps that are too loose won't do any good for protection. Too tight, and the wrap will constrict around your horse's leg and act like a tourniquet. T tightness cuts off the blood supply, and the constriction can cause rubbing, irritating the tendon and triggering swelling.

Once you finish fitting the wrap, flick your wrap and listen for a solid sound on all parts of the wrap. If you hear a squishy sound anywhere, the wrap is not applied evenly and should be redone. It should be firm, without any wrinkles. Make sure to check if the wraps will rub against knees and hocks because those can cause painful operations. They should cover all the way down to the back of the heel but not pay so long that they drag down on the ground. Shipping boots are a lot easier to fit and great for novice wrappers. However, you must ensure you get a size that conforms to your horse's legs.

Shipping boots and shipping wraps are a great way to keep your horse’s legs safe while in the trailer. With our guide, you’ll have the best information to make the right selection.