December is right around the corner, and your favorite horse-loving friends and family have been good all year. They deserve something special to celebrate who they are and let them know that they are always on the nice list! So how do you choose the perfect gift? At Schneiders, we have exactly what they want.

Before you come and shop with us, it's important to know a few things about the horse lover in your life. To really wow them this holiday season, choose something that will show them that you really know them. After all, when a gift is specific, It shows how much thought you've put into it!

First, know what discipline they ride. Do they ride Western or English? Do they compete, ride for pleasure, or both? Do they ride the trails often, or do they ride in the ring or arena?

For horse owners, buying something specific for their horse is always a win. What is their horse's name and/or breed? Do they often talk about things that their horse needs on the regular? What about treats their horse enjoys?

Finally, know their favorite color. What colors does their horse wear? What color are their blankets, wraps, or saddle covers? What is their rider’s favorite color?

Once you're armed with all the information you need, it's time to do our favorite thing besides riding... shop!

The 17 Best Gifts for the Horse Owners in Your Life

    Schneiders Deluxe Horse Grooming Kit

  1. Schneiders® Deluxe Horse Grooming Kit
  2. The Schneiders® Deluxe Horse Grooming Kit has it all. This extra roomy tote features loads of exterior pockets to hold and carry all the necessities needed to ensure a horse looks great from head to hoof. This kit includes a rubber curry, medium bristle body brush, soft bristle face brush, main and tail brush, and a sweat scraper.

    Why They'll Love It: Grooming supplies are a must-have for any horse lover. This kit has everything they need and more! Plus, with a really cute carrying case, available in red or blue, your horse lover will be able to take their grooming supplies wherever they need to go.

    Schneiders Magnetic Massage Jelly Curry Comb

  3. Schneiders® Magnetic Massage Jelly Curry Comb
  4. This magnetic massage jelly curry comb soothes a horse's muscle aches and loosens stiff muscles. It's the perfect way to end a long, hard training, showing, or schooling session, and provides massage and magnetic therapy to increase a horse's blood flow and oxygen while reducing inflammation.

    Why They'll Love It: Equestrians love to pamper their horses, and what better way for them to show their love than through a great massage with this curry comb? This comb soothes and relaxes the horse. Happy horse = happy owner. As a side note, after a long hard ride, your favorite horse lover can use it on themselves to work out a few sore spots of their own. This comb comes in blue and purple and is a great price. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or added to a gift bag!

    Schneiders Tooled Leather Backpack

  5. Schneiders® Tooled Leather Backpack
  6. This backpack is designed from tooled leather with a nylon interior lining. The snap-closure sides make the bag more compact, or it can be left open to utilize the full storage capacity. The two outside side pockets are 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide with zippers, a front zipper pocket, and an inside zipper pocket. This bag comes in black or brown and can be personalized.

    Why They'll Love It: Anyone who loves Western style will be thrilled with this backpack! It's beautiful, well made, and has plenty of space and pockets for whatever they need to carry. In addition, it's great for everyday use or used at a horse show. The top flap can be personalized with a nameplate, making this backpack uniquely theirs.

    Leather Halter Key Ring

  7. Leather Halter Key Ring
  8. The Leather Halter Key Ring is 4 inches long and 5/8 inches wide, made with double-ply leather in a beautiful dark brown, and includes a brass key ring and halter square. Add a personalized notched saddle nameplate as a bonus.

    Why They'll Love It: The horse lover in your life will never lose their keys again with this beautiful key ring! Durable, yet light, it's great to keep keys organized, and a lovely dark leather they can show off! Horse lovers love anything that showcases their love of the horse, and this key chain fits their persona to a T. The brass plate can be used for their name or the name of their horse, making it a gift from the heart.

    Schneiders Leather and Cowhide Duffle Bag

  9. Schneiders® Leather and Cowhide Duffle Bag
  10. Schneiders® Leather and Cowhide Duffle Bag is covered with an assorted mix of hair on hide with brown leather sides, is fully lined, and comes with handy pockets. The adjustable shoulder strap and rolled leather carry handles are comfortable for easy use. There are two outside pockets, one inside zipper pocket, and two inside open-top pockets.

    Why They'll Love It: This beautiful cowhide duffle bag is perfect for weekend horse shows or a trip out of town. It holds all the essentials and more, making it a go-to piece of luggage. The horse lover in your life will never have to worry about their smaller items getting disorganized with all the pockets on the inside! In addition, you can personalize the shoulder strap with a nameplate for an added special touch.

    Dura-Tech Victory Ringside Backpack

  11. Dura-Tech® Victory Ringside Backpack
  12. This Ringside Backpack has multiple zipper pockets and a crop holder, along with comfortable padded shoulder straps, a helmet pouch to keep your helmet secure, and rubber feet at the bottom to keep the bag dry. The outer material and waterproof zippers keep your stuff dry no matter the weather.

    Why They'll Love It: Every horse lover needs a convenient go-to bag, and this is the perfect choice! They will be able to keep their helmet, grooming tools, braiding and banning equipment, horse boots, gloves, numbers, and any other items handy. Made especially for the rider in mind, this bag is perfect to take to every show! Plus, with the waterproof material, your loved one never has to worry about rainy days ruining their items as they run from the truck to the barn with this bag.

    Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer

  13. Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer
  14. The Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer™ is a multitasking tool that tackles dirt, debris, and sweat marks with ease. The stone is uniquely designed to work like a cat's tongue and wipes away caked-on dirt and dander without dust clouds. Saddlepad marks will be erased, it cleans white markings and dirty hoof walls as well. It can even be used to clean the walls of water buckets and feeding troughs. Whether you use it wet or dry is up to you, as this stone can be used either way.

    Why They'll Love It: All horse lovers know this one truth: dust and dirt are attracted to all things horse and horse-related. That's why this stone is so perfect! It cleans everything! It works on shedding horses or removing hair from saddle pads and cinches, as well as keeping water buckets and feeding troughs clean. It's an essential tool for cleaning. It’s not just for cleaning. However, it also provides a horse with a stimulating massage. At an amazing price point, this is perfect for gift bags, secret Santa gifts, or to add to a stocking!

    Schneiders Wood Back Goat Hair Brush

  15. Schneiders® Wood Back Goat Hair Brush
  16. This Wood Back Goat Hair Brush has a beautifully finished wood back with a leather hand holder strap. Super soft go bristles make this brush soft yet durable.

    Why They'll Love It: Simple, elegant, and strong, you can't go wrong buying this brush. The super soft goat bristles give horses a gentle brush. Grooming tools are always on a horse lover's list, and this one is so elegant. It's the perfect gift for every horse lover on your list.

    LeMieux Pro Touch Classic Riding Glove Black

  17. LeMieux® Pro Touch Classic Riding Glove Black
  18. The LeMieux® Pro Touch Classic Riding Glove is a synthetic leather glove that's strong yet breathable. A durable suede grip on the palm, fingers, and thumb keeps fingers from slipping on the reins.

    Why They'll Love It: Good-quality riding gloves are not always easy to find, and these gloves fit the bill. They are long-lasting and perfect for protecting hands against being chafed from reins. The beautiful black color is elegant and can be used in the ring or in training. These gloves come in sizes extra small to extra large, meaning there's a fit for every rider. The perfect gift!

    LeMieux Ladies Luxe Hoodie

  19. LeMieux® Ladies Luxe Hoodie
  20. The LeMieux® Ladies Luxe Hoodie is a soft cotton blend material hoodie with the cute LeMieux® logo on the front. This hoodie has drawstrings and a zipper front storage pocket and comes in multiple popular colors.

    Why They'll Love It: The horse lover in your life can show off their love of the LeMieux® brand with this beautiful hoodie. Soft and lightweight, it's great for cool weather or layering, and the hood is the perfect size for extra warmth for any head. The horse lover in your life can use this as their go-to hoodie for casual days at the barn or running errands. As an added bonus, check out the children’s size.

    Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats

  21. Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats
  22. Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are low in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Each batch is crafted using locally sourced, natural ingredients and is designed to be a nutritious and healthy reward for the horse.

    Why They'll Love It: All horse lovers love to spoil their horses, and these natural treats are the perfect way to spoil the horse in their life. Using natural, locally sourced ingredients, your equestrian friends and family won't have to worry that their horse is getting anything unhealthy or processed. These treats come in a 1 lb bag or a 5 lb bag! Besides, why should humans be the only ones to look forward to pumpkin spice season?

    Schneiders Treat Ball Feeder

  23. Schneiders® Treat Ball Feeder
  24. This treat ball feeder helps fight against boredom with this durable polyethylene construction. Easy to fill, it reduces stall boredom and is a great stress reliever. It's safe to leave in a stall or paddock with a horse or pony.

    Why They'll Love It: Your friends with horses who spend most of their time in a stall understand that boredom is a constant worry. After all, when they are bored, that’s when trouble can start. That's why this treeball feeder is perfect. Just fill it with treats, and the horse will play with it for hours. No more boredom and it's fun and affordable entertainment! Add a bag of treats in the gift bag for a well-rounded gift.

    Schneiders Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder

  25. Schneiders® Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder
  26. This Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder makes it harder to get hay out, creating the perfect boredom buster. This ball has a 15-inch diameter with two-and-a-half-inch slow feeder holes. The 4 and 3/4-inch opening screw lid is easy to undo, and it’s easy to insert hay into the ball. It holds one thin flake of hay and comes in blue and red.

    Why They'll Love It: Remember what we said before? Boredom = trouble. This is another great item to keep horses entertained and horse owners stress-free. It also keeps hay consumption slow, so their horse isn't eating too fast. The horse lover in your life can use this in the stall or out in the paddock due to the durability of the polyethylene. It's also easy to use, making it great for the horse and great for the horse lover in your life.

    Dura-Tech Deluxe Fully Padded Nylon Halter

  27. Dura-Tech® Deluxe Fully Padded Nylon Halter
  28. Designed with a horse's comfort in mind, this nylon halter is a must-have. No more halter rubs, as this padded horse halter is made from one-inch double-ply nylon webbing. Heavy-duty brass plated hardware ensures that this halter is hardy and durable. The halter is fully adjustable at the crown and curb and has a snap at the throat for easy on and off.

    Why They'll Love It: Horse lovers can never have too many halters! This halter is padded, thinking of the horse's comfort in mind. It won't rub or chafe and is durable whether in the stall or out in the paddock. It comes in cob, full size, oversized, and yearling/pony, so there is a size for every horse. It makes a stylish gift, too, coming in eight beautiful colors. To make the halter extra special, gift givers can add a rectangle halter nameplate or an embroidered overlay for the halter.

    Premier Saratoga Padded Leather Halter

  29. Premier Saratoga Padded Leather Halter
  30. This leather halter has padded cheeks, noseband, and crownpiece to eliminate rubs in these sensitive areas. The halter is fully adjustable to fit each individual horse's head, and the 1-inch double-stitched buffalo leather is softer than cowhide but equally as durable. Brass-plated hardware, snaps, and rings, along with an adjustable crown and curb finish off this outstanding halter.

    Why They'll Love It: This halter focuses on comfort and is classically beautiful without breaking the bank. The padded cheeks, noseband, and crown piece keep this halter from rubbing against a horse's sensitive face, making it perfect for any horse lover's equine! The leather is a beautiful rich brown, making it stylish as well as affordable. Adding a brass halter name tag, a notched halter nameplate, or a rectangle halter nameplate with the horse's name makes this the perfect gift for any horse lover!

    Schneiders Lacey Oversized Western Show Saddle Blanket

  31. Schneiders® Lacey Oversized Western Show Saddle Blanket
  32. This oversized Western Show Saddle Blanket is made from 100% New Zealand wool and conforms to the horse's back with a unique structure to prevent slipping or shifting. Leather wear patches protect the pad from cinch strap rubs and come in multiple colors.

    Why They'll Love It: This beautiful blanket will ensure the horse lover in your life stands out in the show ring. This saddle pad also works well with covering work pads or therapeutic pads, making it functional whether the horse is in the ring or in training. It looks great under every Western saddle and will even match the horse lover's favorite show outfit colors! It's also extremely durable, ensuring the horse lover in your life will get to use this gift for years to come.

    Dura-Tech Deluxe All-Purpose Pad

  33. Dura-Tech® Deluxe All-Purpose Pad
  34. This all-purpose saddle pad is designed for the ultimate comfort by promoting airflow and keeping the horse's back cooler. The square-cut design, foam padding, and small quilted pattern make this pad versatile for everyday riding or schooling.

    Why They'll Love It: Horse lovers can never have too many saddle pads. These colors are beautiful, so you can pick one that matches the horse lover’s favorite colors or color scheme. Add embroidery in a monogram or one line to make the pad extra special. This will be a functional, stylish, and perfect gift at a great price point!

We all want to find the perfect gift for everyone that is special in our lives. For horse lovers and owners, getting a functional, stylish, and/or personalized gift is beyond appreciated. Your gift will be the season's hit, whichever you choose from this list! Beyond this list, Schneiders has a huge selection of tack, grooming tools, and more for any horse lover on your list. Feel secure knowing we will have what your horse-loving friends and family need and want this holiday season. And with your list getting just a little bit shorter with our help, you now have time to do a little horse shopping for yourself. Happy holidays!