Choosing the Best Gifts for Your Horse

When you’re making your holiday shopping list, your horse is top of mind. After all, your partner has been there through thick and thin, and together, you’ve conquered the riding world you live in. At Schneiders, we make choosing the best gifts for your horse a breeze. Before shopping, think about what your horse really needs. New blanket? Tack? How about things to make them feel loose and pain-free? Once you’ve thought about what they need, think about their wants. A new brush? Or, best of all, new treats! Keep a list of their measurements handy to make this shopping venture super easy.

The 13 Best Gifts to Get Your Horse

    ARMORFlex® Challenger II Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blankets

  1. ARMORFlex® Challenger II Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blankets
  2. ARMORFlex® Challenger II Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blankets are constructed with a 1200D ripstop polyester material that provides extreme durability. This blanket features improved waterproofing and breathability ratings with exceptional breathability, ensuring horses stay dry and comfortable all season. With a variety of fit options, you're certain to find the best option for your horse, no matter their confirmation.

    Why They'll Love It: With the chill finally in the air, horse owners are busy pulling out their blankets. Update your horse's blanket with this beautiful and durable blanket! It's waterproof and breathable, so a horse stays dry without getting overheated. It comes in multiple warmths, so gift-givers won't have to worry about getting the wrong blanket weight! Plus, every horse owner with a playful horse knows it's a challenge to keep a blanket from getting torn up. That's why this ripstop blanket is great for the active and playful horse.

    Schneiders® Magnetic Massage Jelly Curry Comb

  3. Schneiders® Magnetic Massage Jelly Curry Comb
  4. Schneiders® Magnetic Massage Jelly Curry Comb soothes a horse's muscle aches and loosens stiff muscles. It's the perfect way to end a long, hard training, showing, or schooling session, and provides massage and magnetic therapy to increase a horse's blood flow and oxygen while reducing inflammation. The seven spinning, bipolar magnetic balls embedded in the jelly curry help stimulate the skin as well.

    Why They'll Love It: What’s a better way to show your horse that you love them than through a great massage with this curry comb? This comb soothes and relaxes your horse, making them happier. This comb comes in blue and purple and is a great price. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or added to a gift bag!

    Dura-Tech Polar Fleece Duo-Fit Cooler

  5. Dura-Tech® Polar Fleece Duo-Fit™ Cooler
  6. The Dura-Tech® Polar Fleece Duo-Fit™ Cooler is a versatile addition to your horse’s wardrobe. Made with a superior 300 grams of double-sided non-pilling polar fleece, this cooler stays light even when wet. The unique design features a fitted body, a belly band closure that fits securely with a hook and loop fastening, and a shaped neck that opens separately.

    Why They'll Love It: A cooler that can be used on its own and under a blanket? So versatile! It's also great when you want to groom your horse's neck but don't want to uncover their whole body. This blanket allows your horse to be toasty all day. It's fitted for your horse and has shoulder straps that offer 2 inches of adjustment to accommodate young or nearer trusted horses. It can also be personalized, which makes it an extra special gift for your horse.

    UltraFlex Slickers

  7. UltraFlex® Slickers
  8. UltraFlex® Slickers are designed to keep horses clean from dirt, dust, and shavings while keeping manes, braids, and bands lying flat. It also protects their coats from being rubbed or chafing occurring underneath blankets. Choose from a shoulder guard to protect the shoulders from blanket rubs, a sheet to protect the shoulders, withers, and haunches, a hood to protect shoulder areas, as well as to keep manes flat and clean, or a full body sheet for nose to tail protection.

    Why They'll Love It: After all your hard work grooming your horse to perfection, what horse owner doesn't shudder with horror at the thought of anything getting messed up or dirty? That's why these slickers are so perfect. They're lightweight and won't cause your horse to sweat or get uncomfortable. Blanket rubbing will be a non-issue, as the slickers protect their shoulders. And they're easy to fit in multiple sizes, which means there is a slicker for every horse. Plus, they come in a great range of colors, so your horse will be stylish no matter where they go!

    Adjusta-Fit Dura-Nylon V-Free Guardian Bellyband Horse Stable Blanket

  9. Adjusta-Fit® Dura-Nylon V-Free® Guardian Bellyband Horse Stable Blanket
  10. This stable blanket allows your horse to stay comfortable in the cold weather. The breathable Dura-Nylon 420 denier nylon outer keeps your horse from overheating. The original Adjusta-Fit® system is designed to keep the size of the neck adjusted up to 2 inches for a custom fit every time.

    Why They'll Love It: This blanket is super cozy, without being uncomfortable or causing unwanted pressure or rubbing. With the adjustable neck, horses won't have to deal with chafing at the shoulders, and the front close prevents rubbing on the chest because of the deep v-cut, which allows the horse’s head to go down without pulling the blanket forward. Plus, with the leg straps, this blanket will stay in place; no matter how playful your horse is, they will not be getting it off. That's a present for you too! It also comes in five beautiful colors, so your horse will stay warm and stylish all winter. Plus, with a 2-year warranty, you can buy this blanket confidently.

    Ultra Conditioning Shampoo

  11. Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo
  12. Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo has a low sudsing action that rinses ultra-clean to eliminate residue buildup. It cleans and conditions hair while removing stubborn stains, allowing hair to retain its natural moisture and pH balance. The shampoo promotes a healthy coat, silky softness, and luxurious shine for the ultimate beauty product.

    Why They'll Love It: Your horse will look and feel like they've just come from the spa with this luxurious shampoo. Your horse's coat, mane, and tail will be cleaned thoroughly while staying pH-balanced. No dry or brittle hair using this shampoo! Plus, this product is plant-based, which leaves all the harsh chemicals behind. A win for your horse and the environment! The perfect pampering gift.

    Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer

  13. Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer™
  14. The Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer™ is a multitasking tool that easily tackles dirt, debris, and sweat marks. The stone is uniquely designed to work like a cat's tongue, wiping away caked-on dirt and dander without dust clouds. Saddlepad marks will be erased, it cleans white markings and dirty hoof walls as well. It can even be used to clean the walls of water buckets and feeding troughs. Whether you use it wet or dry is up to you, as this stone can be used either way.

    Why They'll Love It: All horse owners know this one truth: dust and dirt are attracted to all things horse and horse-related. That's why this stone is so perfect! It cleans everything! It works on shedding horses or removing hair from saddle pads and cinches, as well as keeping water buckets and feeding troughs clean. It's an essential tool for cleaning. It’s not just for cleaning. However, it also provides a horse with a stimulating massage.

    Schneiders Wood Back Goat Hair Brush

  15. Schneiders® Wood Back Goat Hair Brush
  16. The Schneiders® Wood Back Goat Hair Brush has a beautifully finished wood back with a leather hand holder strap. Super soft go bristles make this brush soft yet durable.

    Why They'll Love It: Simple, elegant, and strong, you can't go wrong buying this brush. Super soft goat bristles give horses a gentle brush. Grooming tools are always on a horse lover's list, and this one is so elegant. It's the perfect gift for every horse lover on your list.

    Dura-Tech Magnetic Sheet

  17. Dura-Tech® Magnetic Sheet
  18. The Dura-Tech® Magnetic Sheet has been proven to accelerate healing and recovery in horses by increasing blood flow to reduce inflammation and ease soreness. The lightweight mesh features an open front, surcingle closure, and high-end in-leg straps. Over 90 strategically placed unipolar magnets are added for optimal penetration to help your horse. This blanket should be used in short intervals and not for longer than eight hours of continuous use.

    Why They'll Love It: Like any athlete, horses need to be pampered, too, after competitions, training, and rides. That's why this magnetic sheet is perfect! The magnets help accelerate healing by reducing blood flow to reduce inflammation. It's also ideal for treating arthritic discomfort and muscle tightness and stiffness due to exertion or injury. Your horse will appreciate this gift of bringing them comfort and better mobility!

    EquiCare LED Therapy Red Light - Equine Kit And Pairs

  19. EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light - Equine Kit And Pairs
  20. The EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light Equine Kit is a line of wraps to help prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries, plus alleviate chronic conditions in horses. It treats tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, arthritis, laminitis navicular, tendon strains, muscle swelling, and tightness. This kit comes in a medium wrap, a large wrap, bell boots, or a full kit.

    Why They'll Love It: Red light therapy is an innovative solution for your horse's aches and pains. With wraps and bell boots, this kit increases blood flow, which sends more oxygen throughout the body, increasing collagen, endorphins, and capillary production. Your horse will feel like they just came from the spa and are ready to take on the world after these treatments. Plus, you can use these on dogs, cats, or other livestock in your barn. A truly all-around gift!

    Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats

  21. Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats
  22. Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are low in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Each batch is crafted using locally sourced, natural ingredients and is designed to be a nutritious and healthy reward for the horse. Using a unique extrusion process decreases moisture and prevents mold growth, ensuring the treats have a long shelf life.

    Why They'll Love It: These natural treats are the perfect way to spoil your horse. Using natural, locally sourced ingredients, these treats are not only unique but your equestrian friends and family won't have to worry that their horse is getting anything unhealthy or processed. These treats come in a 1 lb bag or a 5 lb bag! Plus, why should humans be the only ones to look forward to pumpkin spice season?

    Schneiders Treat Ball Feeder

  23. Schneiders® Treat Ball Feeder
  24. This Treat Ball Feeder fights against boredom with this durable polyethylene ball. Easy to fill, it reduces stall boredom and relieves stress. It's safe to leave in a stall or paddock with a horse or pony.

    Why They'll Love It: Boredom is a constant worry if your horse spends most of their time in a stall. After all, when they are bored, that’s when trouble can start. That's why this treeball feeder is perfect. Just fill it with treats, and the horse will play with it for hours. No more boredom and it's fun and affordable entertainment!

    Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg and Hoof Wrap

  25. Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg and Hoof Wrap
  26. The Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg and Hoof Wrap treats your horse's whole leg, including the hoof. The wrap is designed to flare at the bottom to cover the leg, hoof, and coronet band. This is perfect for preventing pain after exercise or helping heal soft tissue injuries.

    Why They'll Love It: When your horse is hurt, you want to do whatever you can to make them feel better. This wrap is sure to bring relief to your horse! These wraps are more convenient than ice because the polycerolite gel-filled sections stay cold for hours when applied directly from the freezer. They're also made to fit a wide range of horses comfortably, so no matter your horse's size, there is a wrap for them. The elastic hook and loop closures allow for adjustability, so they'll fit any horse in your barn. Plus, they're super comfy with the quilted gel-filled sections.

Shopping for your horse should be fun and easy, and at Schneiders, we know your horse deserves the very best. So shop with us this holiday season, so your horse will feel pampered all year. Happy holidays!