Choosing the Best Gifts for Horse Owners

Navigating the world of gift-giving for horse owners can be daunting, especially when their tack trunk is overflowing with saddle pads, brushes, and grooming products. But fear not, as we've got you covered with a handpicked selection of 11 thoughtful and practical gifts for horse owners that will leave your equestrian friend loving what you picked out for them!

Before you hit the "buy" button, arm yourself with some essential insights about your horse-loving recipient to ensure your gift is just the right match. Do you know if they ride English or Western? What breed and size is their horse? Knowing the size they wear can be important when choosing something like a horse blanket or cooler. Do they board their horse or keep them at home? Are they always grooming their horse for that show-ring shine or more of an au natural type of horse owner that lets their horse grow out their winter coat?

Join us as we explore the perfect gifts for horse owners that will make you the ultimate gift-giving champion!

The 11 BEST Gifts to Give a Horse Owner

    ARMORFlex Challenger II Adjusta-Fit Turnout Blankets

  1. ARMORFlex® Challenger II Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blankets
  2. A high-quality turnout blanket is something that just about any horse owner will appreciate. Even if they don’t clip their horse’s coat and allow their horse to grow out their winter hair, having a waterproof turnout blanket to keep them dry and warm during wet weather like heavy rain or snow, is important for any horse. This turnout blanket comes in various fit options, sizes, warmth levels, and colors making this a gift too good to pass up!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Made with a durable 1200D ripstop polyester material that is extremely durable, waterproof, and exceptionally breathable.
    • You can choose from various fit styles to find a semi-custom fit to their horse’s unique conformation and build.
    • This blanket is designed to hold up to playful horses in turnout, such as running, playing, or blanket-tugging antics with their horse friends!
    • The blanket comes with a 7-year warranty!

    Dura-Tech 2 Pocket Water Resistant Stall Front Bag

  3. Dura-Tech® 2 Pocket Water Resistant Stall Front Bag
  4. Help your friend stay better organized with a gift that anyone with a horse can use! This water-resistant stall-front bag offers double the space as a stall-front organizer. They can store anything from horse blankets, sheets, and coolers to a combination of blankets on one side and turnout boots, bell boots, or wraps on the other! The storage options are endless.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • It offers a convenient way to organize any gear or supplies that tend to be stored near a horse’s stall.
    • Store blankets, sheets, coolers, boots, wraps, brushes, and more in the two handy pockets.
    • The large pocket can hold a heavyweight winter blanket, while the smaller pocket can fit up to four sheets!
    • The bag is water resistant, which is great for outdoor-style stalls or temporary stabling at shows to ensure the gear inside stays clean and dry.

    Dura-Tech Polar Fleece Duo-Fit Cooler

  5. Dura-Tech® Polar Fleece Duo-Fit™ Cooler
  6. This cooler is one of those items that everyone with a horse needs at some point. Whether it is to speed up the drying time after a bath, cool down after a ride in chilly weather, keep a horse clean while waiting ring-side, or ensure they don’t catch a chill in the winter when you pull their blankets off. The soft polar fleece with adjustable straps and added neck cover will quickly make this their new favorite horse cooler!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • This is a versatile addition to any horse’s wardrobe!
    • Made from superior 300-gram double-sided, non-pilling polar fleece.
    • Machine washable for easy care, even if your horse takes a nap, just brush the shavings off and toss it in the wash!
    • Can be used as a blanket liner, during trailering, after a bath, ringside, or even during a quick lunging session.

    Dura-Tech X-Large Universal Grooming Tote

  7. Dura-Tech® X-Large Universal Grooming Tote
  8. Every horse owner could use a better grooming tote! This extra-large grooming tote will blow away the old worn-out plastic tote or bucket they have their brushes tossed into. This tote is large enough to hold any grooming necessity while keeping them free from dirt and debris with the mesh bottom and dust cover! No more tipping your grooming bag upside down to shake all the hair, hay, and dirt out!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • This grooming tote is easy to carry and store all of your grooming supplies in.
    • There are eight outside pockets for larger items like spray bottles or brushes.
    • Eight inside non-collapsing pockets.
    • Large open center compartment is perfect for rags, towels, polo wraps, or horse boots.
    • The dust cover flap fastens with a Velcro strap to keep the inside compartment clean and free from debris.

    Insta-Hot Pro Portable Horse Washing System

  9. Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System
  10. The perfect gift for the horse owner who doesn’t have hot water in their barn or someone always on the go to horse shows, clinics, or trail rides. The Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System allows any horse owner to have hot water anywhere! This system attaches to a propane tank that powers the instant hot water heater to give you hot water for bathing, making soaked feed, or even washing off a vehicle, wherever you may go!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Instantly heat up their water source with this portable system.
    • Give their horse a warm bath at horse shows or parking areas that only have cold water.
    • This can even be set up in a barn for year-round use if the barn does not have a hot water heater.
    • Convenient, portable, and easy to use for any horse owner.

    Dura-Tech StableHand Hay Net Filler

  11. Dura-Tech® StableHand™ Hay Net Filler
  12. Your horse-loving friend or family member can say goodbye to the days of struggling to fill hay nets! This hay net filler is a must-have for every barn or horse owner. At some point, such as trailering, going to a horse show, daily feeding, or during layups, a horse owner will find themselves filling up a hay bag. This makes filling hay nets a one-person job!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • No more fighting with hay nets while trying to fill them!
    • Makes filling hay bags and nets a one-person job. Just slide the Hay Net Filler in, drop the hay in, remove it, and they’re done!
    • Makes it easier to add loose hay into a hay bag as it keeps the bag free-standing.

    Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer

  13. Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer™
  14. If you have a horse, you will groom them. Whether you groom every day or once a week. The Epona Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer™ is one item that horse owners always use or fall in love the first time they use one. This multi-tasking grooming tool tackles dirt, debris, sweat marks, mud, and dander without creating dust clouds. They can use it wet or dry.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Wipes away caked-on mud, dirt, dander, winter hair, and sweat marks.
    • Removes manure stains and dirty hoof walls.
    • Can also be used around the barn to scrub buckets or feed tubs!

    Dura-Tech Magnetic Sheet

  15. Dura-Tech® Magnetic Sheet
  16. Every horse deserves to feel great! This magnetic sheet is one item that some horse owners won’t think to buy on their own, but once they have one, they will use it often! Magnetic sheets have been proven to accelerate healing and recovery in horses as they increase circulation, therefore reducing inflammation and soreness.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Magnetic therapy can benefit every horse by reducing body soreness, muscle tightness, stiffness, or arthritic discomfort.
    • This sheet has over 90 unipolar magnets for optimal penetration.
    • Each magnet is sewn into a neoprene pocket so you can machine wash the entire sheet as needed for easy care.

    EquiCare LED Therapy Red Light - Equine Kit

  17. EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light - Equine Kit
  18. If you want to treat a horse owner with a gift they will forever be grateful for, the EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light Equine Kit and Pairs will surely knock them off their feet! This kit offers any horse owner a remarkable line of wraps and LED Right Light Therapy. The benefits include helping to prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries and chronic ailments such as arthritis, laminitis, and navicular or tendon strains. This is a gift that will be used for years to come by horse owners, ensuring their horses feel their best and have the best chance at recovering from soreness or injuries.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Penetrates deep into soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints to dramatically increase blood flow, thus reducing inflammation and related pain.
    • Can be used for dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock.
    • There are multiple kit options, such as wraps, pads, and bell boots.
    • There are no cords to get tangled as each wrap uses a battery pack.

    Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats

  19. Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats
  20. Who doesn’t love giving their horse treats? Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are low in sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Each batch is made using locally sourced, natural ingredients for a healthy reward for your horse or pony! Horses that are more sensitive to higher-sugar treats can still enjoy these yummy bundles!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Horses and ponies will enjoy these horse treats.
    • They are made using a unique extrusion process which allows for optimal digestion and nutrition absorption.
    • Due to decreased moisture, these treats have a long shelf life, so even the largest bag will last quite a while!

    Dura-Tech Cooling Gel Leg and Hoof Wrap

  21. Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg and Hoof Wrap
  22. With this cooling leg and hood wrap, your horse owner friend will never have to worry about finding ice when their horse gets a surprise injury or swelling and they need to apply cold therapy. These ice boots can stay in the freezer, so they are ready for action at a moment's notice making it easy to cool down the whole leg from the knee to the hoof.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • A useful cold-therapy ice boot that any horse owner will appreciate.
    • Instead of fussing with bags of ice, trying to keep their horse standing in a bucket, they can just take this ice boot out of the freezer, wrap it around their horse’s leg, and let the wrap do the work!
    • Perfect for rehabbing injuries, sudden accidents, or injuries, and post-riding to reduce inflammation.

Whether it's a high-quality turnout blanket, a stall front bag for better organization, a versatile polar fleece cooler, a spacious grooming tote, or a portable horse-washing system, you can be sure to wow the horse owner in your life. Make your gift-giving experience a success by considering your horse-loving recipient's specific needs and preferences, and you'll undoubtedly give them their favorite gift this year!