Like us, our equine athletes sometimes deal with stiffness, tight muscles, achy joints, and injury. There are a number of approaches that can be taken to help your horse recover from their injuries. These methods all have their appropriate time and place, and it is important to know where and when to apply them. You and your vet will know the best way to tackle difficult or serious situations. Day to day, however, you should be armed with a toolkit that includes:

Pain and inflammation medications are often called for when an injury occurs, or when, like you, the horse just needs something to reduce symptoms. Your vet can help you decide when, and which, medications are appropriate for your horse’s situation.

There are a range of supplements that can help your horse maintain joint health and improve general well-being. They are great for preventative care, as well as an aid in recovery.

Therapeutic therapies work to achieve immediate comfort at the site of pain or inflammation. There are a number of forms of therapy for horses. Common forms use ceramic and electromagnetic waves that capture heat to help promote healing and increase performance.

What to Know About Ceramic Therapy for Horses

What is Ceramic Therapy for horses?

Ceramic Therapy is a form of physical therapy for horses that captures existing body heat and absorbs, modifies, and emits it back into the body as infrared rays. Finely ground ceramic powder is embedded into the fabric to capture and retain heat. These ceramic fibers reflect the heat that has been generated by the body and keep it there to help maintain a constant heat supply that helps penetrate deep into body tissue to expand blood vessels and increase circulation. This increased blood flow allows the body to fuel muscles and repair itself more efficiently.

Ceramic therapy is especially useful for keeping horses loose and limber. Use it pre-performance to speed up warm-up, or after performance to assist recovery time.

What are the benefits of Ceramic Therapy?

Ceramic therapy for horses helps to:

  • Increase circulation
  • Speed pre-performance warm-up
  • Help to prevent injury
  • Keep muscles and joints loose and limber between classes
  • Aid post-workout recovery
  • Speed rehabilitation after an injury
  • Reduce inflammation, soreness, and arthritic pain

When should Ceramic Therapy be used?

Ceramic therapy is a great choice anytime you want to help relax and loosen tight muscles and stiff joints. Ceramic fibers in Lux® reflect heat back into the body as far infrared rays (FIR). FIR expands blood vessels and increases circulation, allowing the body to fuel working muscles and repair damage more efficiently.

Which Ceramic Therapy Product is Right For Your Horse

A wide range of Lux® products are available that use ceramic therapy for horses. All Lux® Ceramic therapy products provide a cost-effective and powerful solution for rehab, recovery, and preventative maintenance. Choose the product that best meets your horse’s particular needs.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Quick Wraps

Ceramic Therapy Quick Wraps

These leg wraps reflect heat back into sore or stiff legs to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation, Use them as a stable wrap or for trailering, or after a workout to speed recovery time. Great for breaking down scar tissue and reducing wind puffs without the use of liniment or poultice.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy VTEK Mesh Sheet

Ceramic Therapy VTEK Mesh Sheet

The horses in our barn love this sheet for an early morning warm-up after a night in the stall. Eases soreness in the shoulders, scapula, withers and hips. Especially useful for sensitive-backed and older or arthritic horses. Can be used pre-performance, between classes, post-performance, or while trailering. Use by itself or as a blanket liner in colder weather.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy No Bow Leg Wraps

Ceramic Therapy No Bow Leg Wraps

Ceramic standing wraps provide gentle support and therapy to reduce swelling and soreness after a long day of work. Quicker and easier to apply than a standard wrap, they keep legs protected while providing gentle therapy.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Hock Wraps

Ceramic Therapy Hock Wraps

These ceramic-infused hock wraps prevent hock injuries in the stall or on the road, and provide gentle therapy for arthritic conditions. We really appreciate how well they stay in place, even on horses that tend to fuss. We use them regularly on our working horses to ease inflammation and reduce stress injuries.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Sport Boots

Ceramic Therapy Sport Boots

These comfortable ceramic therapy sport boots are a must-have for our working horses. They have extra padding along the cannon bone and fetlock area to protect against the nicks and stings that come with jumping fences and rough sport. Gentle ceramic therapy keeps the tendons and ligaments loose and limber.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Poll Pad

Ceramic Therapy Poll Pad

This ceramic poll pad can help to take the edge off your horse’s stress, especially if you are trying to soften him to a new bit or remedy a head tossing habit. The ceramic therapy action provides a warm calming effect that can help nervous or anxious horses cope better in the ring.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Overreach Bell Boots

Ceramic Therapy Overreach Bell Boots

Ceramic therapy bell boots do more than protect your horse’s feet and ankles against injury from overreaching. They actually work to help with the recovery of existing injuries by reflecting heat back into the area to increase blood circulation and speed the healing process. Great for use on horses with arthritic joints or early navicular disease.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy All-Purpose Saddle Pad

Ceramic Therapy All-Purpose Saddle Pad

Provide your horse with therapeutic benefits while you ride.The warmth provided by the Lux® Ceramic Therapy saddle pad increases blood flow to soothe soreness or loosen stiff back muscles.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Western Felt Saddle Pad

Ceramic Therapy Western Felt Saddle Pad

This felt saddle pad is great for working horses who spend long hours on the trail. Ceramic therapy reflects warmth to the back muscles, and helps relieve soreness and ease tension, even after a long day. Can be used as a work pad or as a liner under a Navajo pad.

Lux® Ceramic Therapy Mesh Dog Coat

Ceramic Therapy Mesh Dog Coat

We didn’t forget the hard-working dogs on your farm! This ceramic therapy coat is designed for the active dog in your life. Helps to keep muscles loose and limber on cold days, and can be worn alone or layered beneath a warmer dog coat on really cold days. A natural accessory for the active working dog. Also useful for increasing mobility in older, arthritic dogs and calming nervous behavior.

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