Like other businesses, running a horse training or boarding operation means time is money. Little tasks can quickly turn into major barn chores without the right tools, which ultimately prevents you from efficiently managing your business. That’s why we cover 10 essential horse stable supplies, including helpful day-to-day barn tools to feed room must-haves, that will help you spend more time in the saddle and less time on the small stuff.

The 10 Best Stable Supplies to Help Save Time and Money

  1. Dura-Tech® StableHand™ Hay Net Filler
  2. Dura-Tech StableHand Hay Net Filler

    This hay net filler is a super handy feedroom tool designed to be rolled into hay bags or nets. When inserted into a hay bag or net, it then expands, allowing the hay bag or net to stand on its own.

    How it helps: By making any bag or net free-standing, you no longer need an extra set of hands, turning countless barn chores into a quick, one-person job. Plus, you will find significantly less mess after compiling hay, trash, recyclables, or laundry, since the StableHand does the work of holding bags open for you.

  3. Dura-Tech® Easy Fill Slow Feed Hay Bag Can
  4. Dura-Tech Easy Fill Slow Feed Hay Bag Can

    This is a collapsible hay bag with multiple 4” wide feeding holes and an easy-open lid. The spring system also turns this hay can into a free-standing feeder holding up to 4-5 flakes. The hay can even be hung up in your horse's stall with an adjustable, chrome-plated hardware strap that comes with it.

    How it helps: By replacing hard-to-fill hay bags with this convenient hay can, your feed routine will become a breeze. The free-standing feature and flexible easy-open lid eliminate the need for an extra set of hands, so you can quickly load hay in and attach it to your horse’s stall for feeding time. You’ll also love that the nine feeding holes are placed around the hay can, so your horse can still eat while accessing hay no matter which way it spins.

  5. Schneiders® Dura-Tech® Load-Flat Easy Fill Hay Net
  6. Schneiders Dura-Tech Load-Flat Easy Fill Hay Net

    Our innovative easy-fill hay net is the first of its kind and offers a simple loading design. All you need to do is open the hay net completely on the ground, insert stacked flakes of hay, pull the top drawstring tight over the hay to close, and hang it in the stall.

    How it helps: After using this hay net, you’ll never want to return to a different hay feeder again. The unique design, allowing you to load forage flat on the ground, makes loading hay a fast, one-person job and reduces hay waste. This hay net is even made of durable nylon to withstand daily use and features 1.5” holes to keep your horse eating for longer periods of time. After all, healthier horses equal happy horses!

  7. Classic Equine® By Ritchie® Single Fount Heated Stall Waterer
  8. Classic Equine By Ritchie Single Fount Heated Stall Waterer

    This heated stall waterer is the perfect way to ensure your horses remain hydrated without the hassle of carrying water buckets, especially during cold winter days. After a quick installation and easy attachment to your main water line, this automatic waterer provides fresh, clean, temperate water in a space-saving corner mounted in the corner of a stall.

    How it helps: Never worry about water buckets freezing again. This waterer provides overall heat coverage, waterline protection, and an insulated, durable casing, removing the need to thaw out hoses or fill up troughs with countless water buckets. It ensures your horses have access to water whenever they need it, without the need for constant refills on your part. The insulated casing even keeps water cooler in the summer, so your horses can have refreshing drinks on hot days.

  9. Plexiglass Stall Information Card
  10. Plexiglass Stall Information Card

    No barn is complete without our Plexiglass Stall Information Cards. Each card features English and Spanish descriptions, so your horse’s info is always handy and easily readable in an emergency or for everyday feeding details. You can hang these cards up at home or store them in your trailer to save for shows, too.

    How it helps: These stall info cards are super practical since all of your horse’s basic details can be found in one place, which is great for emergencies when you are not present or in case someone new is caring for your horse. The simple act of placing these cards on your horses’ stalls ensures both you and the barn staff remain organized, especially during feeding routines when different regiments might get mixed up.

  11. Dura-Tech® Deluxe Safety No Chew Cross Tie
  12. Dura-Tech Deluxe Safety No Chew Cross Tie

    With No Chew PVC pipe, unbreakable mountain climbing rope, and adjustable slide hardware, these cross ties are perfect to hang in any barn. Its exclusive design discourages chewing and prevents rope damage, significantly reducing the number of cross-ties you might go through.

    How it helps: If the horses in your barn are prone to chewing on cross-ties, this set is perfect for you with the PVC pipe features. While the design deters horses from chewing and can be set to virtually any length, it also offers panic snaps. If a horse spooks and needs to be released from the wall, simply release the snap, allowing the lead to safely remain hanging from the halter so you can still catch the horse. You won’t want any aisle ways, wash, or grooming stalls to be set up without these handy no-chew safety cross-ties that save you money in the long run.

  13. Dura-Tech® Sawdust Saver
  14. Dura-Tech Sawdust Saver

    This sawdust saver is a safe and simple solution that prevents bedding from tracking outside stalls. Made of a 2" thick by 5" tall vinyl-coated foam, the sawdust saver blocks bedding from spilling out of stall gates, Dutch doors, and sliding stall doors. It is easy to secure and clean and will not hurt your horse's hooves as they walk in and out.

    How it helps: Minimize both the time you spend sweeping and the money you spend on bedding with this ultra-handy sawdust saver. Since less bedding is wasted and possibly swept away, you can drastically save on sawdust while keeping your aisleways clean at the same time. Depending on the design of your stalls, you can even adjust the length and secure a custom fit, so no stall is left behind!

  15. Easy-Up® Pro Series 9 Jump Pole Storage Hanger
  16. Easy-Up Pro Series 9 Jump Pole Storage Hanger

    If you set up jumps or trail obstacles in your arena, do not miss out on this pole storage hanger. This mounted jump pole organizer features three supportive arms for storing rails off the ground at an angle that prevents them from sliding off while still being easy to reach.

    How it helps: You can store your rails for optimal arena organization instead of stacking or leaning them in piles when not in use. Efficiently storing your jump or trail poles also ensures they remain in like-new condition, so your arena equipment can truly last a lifetime. Simply screw the mount into a wall or fence and you are ready to go!

  17. Gooseneck Hook-Up Helper
  18. Gooseneck Hook-Up Helper

    This product helps drivers line up the gooseneck ball for an easy connection on the first try. This highly visible yellow tube is made of extruded rubberized plastic, with a slit that fits over the ball in the truck bed, making it the perfect ‘marker’ to see through the rearview mirror. As soon as the hitch contacts the ball cover, the cover will pop off, allowing you to achieve an accurate connection.

    How it helps: Cut down on time spent hooking the truck and trailer up with the aid of this helpful device. Once you place the Hook-Up Helper onto the truck ball, you will no longer need to waste time and energy getting in and out of your truck to check if you are lined up to the trailer hitch, which is especially useful for days when you cannot find a friend to signal for you to stop backing. Hooking up the trailer can officially be a swift one-person job!

  19. Easy-Up® Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack
  20. Easy-Up Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack

    Store horse blankets, sheets, or coolers with ease, using the rolling blanket rack. After light assembly, it can hold up to 12 blankets and be rolled throughout the barn with locking wheels. Measuring 80” tall x 28” deep x 36” wide, with a wire grid floor and removable swinging arms, blankets are kept off the ground and out of the way.

    How it helps: Instead of stacking bulky blankets in piles or letting them stick out on stall doors, invest in this portable blanket rack. You can quickly roll the rack from stall to stall or aisle way to tack or laundry room, saving you time, space, and energy. By hanging blankets up, they can also be aired or dried out, increasing the lifespan of your horsewear. Since the swinging arms are also removable, you can adjust the space between each blanket for added room. This rack provides even more storage organization with the grid floor, where you can place turnout boots, bell boots, and bags.