You go into the tack room to grab your tack for a ride when you see it. All of it. Everywhere. So you try to turn a blind eye, grab exactly what you need, and pretend you never saw the clutter. But eventually, you have to face the fact: it is finally time to organize your tack room. Never fear, though; our foolproof tack room organization hacks will help you organize your tack room and keep it that way.

5 Steps to Declutter and Organzie Your Tack Room

Having or having access to a tack room is an equestrian’s dream. Instead of having your equipment in a box in front of your horse’s stall (or worse, in the trunk of your car), your riding equipment and accessories, grooming and bathing supplies, and even medications and first aid items are in one room. But just like any space, it can become cluttered in a hurry without the right organizational equipment and systems to keep everything in order. The first step is to organize what you currently have in your tack room.

5 Steps to Declutter and Organize your Tack Room Effectively

Starting to tackle a tack room cleaning and organization job can be a bit daunting. We all know how much horse stuff we collect. But do not despair, follow these easy steps to an organized and clean tack room.

  1. Purge Your Outdated and Unused Tack Supplies
  2. I know, I know... we need it ALL. The first step to an organized tack room is getting rid of the old items that we do not need. This includes the old treats, expired products, broken halters, and that torn blanket we kept, promising ourselves we were going to fix it. Start by sorting these items into keep, trash, recyclable, and give-away/sell. Then PURGE these items from your tack room once and for all.

  3. Organize Everything Into Usage Frequency
  4. There are items that you can’t get rid of, but you certainly don’t use daily. Sorting items by usage frequency is a great step for keeping your most used items most accessible. You should end up with two groups of items; one group of items you use daily/frequently and the other of items used infrequently.

  5. Organize Everything Into Item Type
  6. Now that you’ve sorted your horse tack and supplies by frequency of use, take the two piles and group everything by type. For instance, grooming should have a pile, riding clothes, schooling tack, show tack, bathing, etc. should all have their pile. This will help you determine how much space you will need.

  7. Determine Space to Store
  8. Frequently used items are best stored on walls, shelves, or hanging hooks. Remember, easy access also means it is easy to put back where it belongs. (If you have to open a trunk and remove saddle pads to grab your grooming tote, I guarantee the grooming tote will end up on the floor next to the trunk or the top of the trunk eventually). Items used infrequently can be placed in closed labeled containers, trunks, etc.

  9. Decide on How to Store Your Groups of Items
  10. There are racks, hooks, totes, and containers for EVERYTHING. Decide how to best store your items and find the best storage option for you. When you are considering your storage options also be sure to take into consideration the transport from tack room to wherever you tack up. The fewer trips the better! See below for more ideas!

Organize Your Tack Room

8 Tack Room Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Tack Room

Once you’ve organized your existing tack and supplies and thrown out all the old, worn-out items, it’s time to put everything back in your tack room. Whether you have a small or large tack room, these storage ideas will help keep you organized and your tack and supplies in great shape.

  1. Take Note of and Measure your Wall Space
  2. Wall space is your friend in organization. This is especially true for small tack room organization. The more wall space you have for saddle racks, blanket racks, hooks, and bars, the more floor space you’ll have for cases and containers. It also means fewer avenues for creepy crawlies to get into and potentially ruin your stuff. When you start to buy organizational items, keep in mind how much tack you have to hang, as well as a good estimate as to the length and width of your walls. This way, you know exactly how much you can hang. Leave ample space next to doors; you don’t want your items getting hit by the door flying open!

  3. Saddle Pads and Saddles Should be Kept Separate
  4. Sure, saddle pads and saddles go together like peanut butter and jelly on your horse’s back, but the worst thing you can do is keep them together in storage. Moisture is the enemy of leather, and a wet saddle pad will do just that. Keep your saddles in their cases on individual saddle racks, and store blankets separately on saddle pad racks. These allow the saddle pads to dry, keep them organized, and prevent any issues with your saddles.

  5. Hang up Bridles and Halters
  6. Just as hanging your saddles on saddle racks keeps them looking neat, the same is true for hanging your bridles and halters. Hanging keeps bridles and halters from getting tangled and creating unnecessary creases. You can use either a bridle rack, which allows you to hang one bridle at a time or a bridle system that will hang multiple bridles at once.

  7. Hanging Up Headgear and Clothes
  8. One of the things we love about a tack shop is seeing the rows of neatly hung hats, helmets, caps, and clothing. With hat and helmet racks, you can achieve the same look in your tack room. Hanging your items keeps them from getting dusty, discourages spiders and moths, and adds a touch of equestrian decor to your walls. You can also include a hat rack if you have the space.

  9. Keep the Humidity Away
  10. A big part of why we organize is to keep our things safe. One of the biggest enemies of horse goods is humidity. Invest in a good dehumidifier. These take the excess “wetness” out of the air and balance humidity. Be aware you will have to empty these often (sometimes more than once a day, especially in the summer months), so plan for that. Also, a dehumidifier that is working hard will last anywhere from three to five years, so budget for a new one every few years. It is also important to buy a thermometer that also measures humidity. Anything over 50% can be detrimental. You may not be as worried about humidity in the winter, so give your humidifier a break. These thermometers can alert you when you need to start the machine again.

  11. Add Extra Lighting
  12. While it doesn’t sound like an organizational hack, it’s important. Lighting serves two purposes. One: it keeps away rodents and other bugs. Two: it helps you easily see where your items are stored and makes it easier to spot labels.

  13. Label, Label, Label
  14. Invest in a label maker right away. These handy devices label everything easily. The sticker paper holds well on any container, and you don’t have to worry about streaky marker mess or having to handwrite (and later read) small print.

  15. Tack Boxes, Containers, and File Cabinets
  16. While hanging everything keeps things tidy and off the floor, only some things can fit on a hook, and only some tack rooms have the space. That’s where tack boxes, containers, and file cabinets come in. Tack boxes are great for storing things you wouldn’t use every day. It’s also a great place to put your cleaned winter blankets when not in use, giving your coolers and fly sheets room on blanket racks. In addition to tack boxes, clear containers are a great way to store items big and small, such as grooming kits, bathing items, wraps, and first aid. In addition, if you want something for your important documents, a file cabinet (with a lock) is a great way to keep files neat and safe.

Tack Room Organizers

De-Clutter Your Tack Room with 7 These Tack and Grooming Organizers

Now that you know how to organize, it’s time to shop for the organizational items you’ll need to finish your new and enviable tack room. Here are a few great items to consider:

  1. Saddle Racks
  2. Saddle racks and saddle stands are two great options for keeping your saddles off the ground and organized. Choose from single saddle racks for your wall, or use a saddle stand that fits in any corner. The stands are also perfect for saddles that don’t fit on the wall or for small tack rooms.

  3. Saddle Pad Racks
  4. Saddle pad racks keep your saddle pads dry and ready. Options include everything from portable to wall mount. Some racks include swinging arms, making it easier to hang multiple pads at once. Add a carrying case for extra organization.

  5. Bridle Hooks and Racks
  6. Choose from various bridle hooks and racks to organize your bridles and halters. Schneiders carries wall mount and portable options to hold one or more bridles and halters neatly.

  7. Tack Racks
  8. Tack racks are great for the equestrian on the go or small tack room organization. They are easy to mount or roll around for easy access to your organized tack.

  9. Horse Blanket Racks and Bars
  10. Horse blanket racks and bars are great for air-drying your blankets and keeping them organized. Racks and bars can be mounted or portable.

  11. Horse Tack Trunks
  12. What is a tack room without a tack trunk? Stylish and great for organization, they store everything you don’t need daily. Add a tack trunk stand to keep your tank trunk off the floor.

  13. Hat and Helmet Racks
  14. Hat and helment racks are easy to assemble, hang, and move wherever needed. They are great for showcasing your hats and helmets while keeping them from piling up on your counter space.