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Copper Snaffles

Copper Snaffles
Copper Snaffles
Large selection of English and Western bits with copper mouthpieces. From copper snaffles and copper rollers, we have the copper horse bit you’re looking for. Shop loose ring copper snaffles, copper wire snaffles, dog bone copper shank bits, D ring copper bits and more. Shop top brands like Herm Sprenger®, Dutton, Metalab, Myler, FES and more.
FES Slow Twist Full Cheek
Myler Comfort Snaffle Eggbutt w/Roller
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Myler Low Port Comfort Snaffle Eggbutt
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The Copper Bit Mouthpiece – Popular bit Material for English & Western Horses

Horse bits made with copper mouthpieces are helpful as copper tends to promote the production of saliva, helping your horse accept the bit. Copper snaffle bits are some of the most popular copper bits for both English and Western horses.

Copper bits are available in a multitude of mouthpiece and cheek ring styles. Almost all bits are available with a copper mouthpiece, allowing you to pick the best functioning bit for your horse while providing them with the benefits of copper.

Additional types of copper bits included copper rollers, copper dog bones, copper French links or copper keys within the mouthpiece. While all these features work in different ways on horse bit, with the addition of copper they all work to help the horse accept the bit.

Copper itself is available in a few different make ups, from regular copper to the Herm Sprenger® specialty, SENSOGAN, which is a combination of copper and other materials that produce a unique flavor horses enjoy.

Whichever bit you are looking for chances are it is available with a copper mouthpiece helping your horse to accept and enjoy the bit while working.

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