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Eggbutt Snaffles

Eggbutt Snaffles
Eggbutt Snaffles
Eggbutt bits are a traditional English bit named for the slightly oblong shape of the cheekpiece. The eggbutt bit most commonly has a snaffle mouthpiece and is available in a jointed or double-jointed french link style. Shop top eggbutt bit brands such as Myler and FES!
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The Eggbutt Bit and Eggbutt Snaffle

The eggbutt is a common bit, mostly seen in English riding. As with other snaffle bits, the eggbutt snaffle is a mild bit that applies direct pressure to the corners of the horse’s mouth and bars.

As with other snaffle bits, the eggbutt bit is commonly available with a jointed mouthpiece but may also be found with a straight mouthpiece as well.

The eggbutt bit was designed to help reduce the possibility of the bit’s rings pinching the horse’s lips and mouth as the ring is more stable and cannot spin through the mouthpiece like a loose ring.

The mouthpieces of the eggbutt bit may be made with synthetic material, copper, nickel or stainless steel.

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