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English Stirrups & Irons

English Stirrups & Irons
English Stirrups & Irons
English stirrup irons offer a base of support to rider and to assist with mounting. Made from stainless steel, lightweight composite materials, aluminum. Styles of stirrups are numerous from traditional Fillis irons to peacock "safety" stirrups to jointed and angle designs that relieve pressure on the rider. Shop top English stirrup iron brands like Herm Sprenger®, FES and Dura-Tech®.
FES Stainless Steel Jointed Irons
FES SS Fillis Iron
Peacock Stirrup Accessories
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Fillis Pads
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Fillis Pads
Herm Sprenger® Bow Balance Stirrups
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FES Black Steel Irons
Compositi® Premium Stirrup Irons
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Compositi® Premium Stirrup Irons
FES Extra Heavy Stainless Steel Fillis Irons
$24.99 - $44.99

Fillis, Jointed and Offset English Stirrup Irons

Just as other pieces of horse tack have evolved, so has the English stirrup iron.From traditional Fillis iron to ones with easy release, offset and jointed the new stirrup designs have been made to benefit the rider’s comfort and position in the saddle.

Historically manufactured in varying grades of stainless steel, Fillis stirrup irons are the most traditional and are available in a range of prices. A Fillis iron’s classic appearance makes them popular in and out of the English show ring.

Offset English stirrup irons and jointed stirrups irons are modern modifications to the traditional Fillis iron. The offset stirrup iron places the eye of the stirrup skewed to the inside top, so the stirrup leathers lay flatter against the saddle, easing tension on the foot and ankle and providing more comfort to the rider’s calf.

Jointed English stirrup irons have flexible sides, or branches. These irons allow the stirrups to flex with the rider’s foot and ankle to help alleviate tension, absorb some shock and provide comfort to the rider’s joints.

Quick release English stirrups are intended to increase the safety of the rider by preventing their foot from being caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall. The most traditional form is the Peacock Safety Irons. This iron only has one branch or side and the other side is "closed" with a thick rubber ring/band. In the event of a fall, the rubber band breaks away and allows the foot to fall out of the stirrup. These stirrups are popular with riding schools, camps, and beginner riders.

Herm Sprenger® Stirrup Irons are impeccably made with the highest quality stainless steel. Not only beautiful to look at, but Herm Sprenger® has also led the revolution in English stirrup iron innovation and design. The Herm Sprenger® Bow Balance Stirrup Iron design helps ease the rider’s knee and ankle discomfort and also decreases the risk of a foot getting caught in the stirrup. The internationally renowned Herm Sprenger® System 4 technology used in these stirrups pivots in four directions simultaneously, absorbing and softening the impact on the rider’s cartilage and ligaments. In addition, the bow form enables the immediate release of the foot in case of an emergency. Perfectly balanced and weight the Bow Balance is easy to "pick up" when mounted.

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