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E-Z View® Saddle Pads

E-Z View® Saddle Pads
E-Z View® Saddle Pads
E-Z View® competition saddle pads with number pockets set the standard in the Hunter Under Saddle classes at breed shows and horse shows across the country. These English saddle pads are shaped to display your competition number right on the saddle pad, both sides of the horse. The E-Z View® pads are available with a non-glare clear pocket or pin-on design for your 3-4 digit competition number. This exquisite hypo-allergenic synthetic white fleece pad has an anti-slip quilted 100% brushed cotton non-slip lining.
E-Z View® Pad with Non-Glare Number Pockets
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$64.99 - $74.99
E-Z View® Pad Pin-On Style
Junior E-Z® View Pin-On Pad
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The English Competition Pad – The E-Z View® Pad with Numbers

A competition pad is typically an English fleece show saddle pad that is shaped to display a competitor’s number right on the pad, under the cantle of the saddle behind the rider’s leg, on each side of the horse. The competitor’s number is attached to the pad by either sliding it into a clear plastic pocket or with pins. These English show pads set the standard in Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation classes at AQHA shows, breed shows and other horse shows across the country.

The E-Z View® pad with number pockets is a quality competition pad made with exquisite synthetic white fleece that is hypo-allergenic. Anti-slip features include a quilted 100% brushed cotton lining.

The E-Z View® pad is available in three styles including, wither relief with a pin on numbers, standard with a pin on numbers or standard with a non-glare plastic pocket.

All three E-Z View pads are equipped with a hook-and-loop opening along the spine to insert a gel pad or other half pad if desired.

All E-Z View pads display 3-4 Competition Numbers Easily and Clearly.

Make a clear statement in the show ring and leave nothing to chance. Let the judge clearly see your number from either side of the horse, without glare or distraction by using an E-Z View pad.

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