Foal Blankets & Sheets

Foal Blankets and Sheets
Foal Blankets and Sheets
StormShield® Expandable Foal Turnouts
16000c_navy.jpg image
StormShield® Expandable Foal Turnouts
$74.99 - $94.99
$49.99 - $69.99
3 Colors
Dura-Nylon® Expandable Foal Stable Blanket
13272c_black.jpg image Dura-Nylon® Expandable Foal Stable Blanket
13272c_navy.jpg image Dura-Nylon® Expandable Foal Stable Blanket
13272c_purple.jpg image
Dura-Nylon® Expandable Foal Stable Blanket
$64.99 - $74.99
$44.99 - $49.99
2 Colors
UltraFlex® Foal Saver®
16012c_pink.jpg image UltraFlex® Foal Saver®
16012c_blue.jpg image
UltraFlex® Foal Saver®
$64.99 - $89.99
$44.99 - $59.99
3 Colors
Fleece Foal Warmer
16437_burgundy.jpg image Fleece Foal Warmer
16437_black.jpg image Fleece Foal Warmer
16437_navy.jpg image
Dura-Tech® Fleece Foal Warmer

Foal Blankets, Sheets, and Horse Baby Blankets from Schneiders

Keep your newborns safe and warm with a high-quality foal blanket. An essential part of your birthing tool kit, these blankets help your foal to retain body heat and absorb moisture to keep them warm and dry, all while providing a cozy, snug fit that you won't find from a traditional horse blanket.

Schneiders offers a very wide selection of top quality foal blankets, all at prices that you won't find at other horse supply stores.?Fleece foal blankets?are ideal for winter months, as the plush technical fleece keeps the baby dry and warm, wicking away moisture from the skin while preventing wetness when the baby lies down on the wet ground.?Nylon foal blankets?are made of durable nylon exteriors with a 6-ounce fiberfill that provides additional insulation. These offer protection from the cold wind, keeping your newborn foal nice and snuggly. To work against hypothermia in the critical first days in a cold climate, Schneiders also offers blankets with a?patented Tekno-Dri® lining, additional layers of polar fleece and fiberfill insulation beneath an outer layer of high thread count cotton. With expandable hook and loop fronts and adjustable straps under the belly, these horse blankets can even be used in the first few weeks of the foal's life as they grow quickly and steadily.

Schneiders' foal blankets come in your choice of shapes and styles for different breeds from Arabians to Warmbloods and sizes from Draft to Miniature horses. Featuring great brands like Dura-Nylon®, StormShield®, Tekno-Fleece® and Ultraflex®, we offer you a wide variety of attractive colors to coordinate with the rest of your tack.

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