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French Link Snaffles

French Link Snaffles
French Link Snaffles
Large selection of English and Western French link snaffle bits available in loose ring French link, eggbutt, tear drop and swept back styles, made in stainless steel, Sensogan, sweet iron and copper. Shop top brands like Herm Sprenger®, Dutton, Stubben, FES and more.
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French Link Snaffle Bits – A Popular Bit for English & Western

The French link snaffle bit is named after its short link in the center of the mouthpiece, making the bit multi-jointed. The small piece in the middle, sometimes referred to as a lozenge or a dog bone, helps the bit lay flat on the horse’s tongue.

Like all snaffle bits, the French link snaffle is a direct pressure bit, applying pressure to the corners of the mouth and to some extent the bars. Unlike a regular jointed snaffle, the French link snaffle also applies pressure to the tongue. The center portion of the French link bit also keeps the mouthpiece from the applying the nutcracker movement sometimes experienced in a single jointed snaffle.

French link snaffles are available in a variety of ring styles. Probably most popular with English riders is the loose ring French link. Popular Western French link bits or dog bone bits are tear drop style. Although different cheek pieces can add to the bit’s functionality, the French link mouthpiece itself allows the bit to lie flat on the tongue and remains the same across all styles.

Additional ring styles for the French link snaffle include eggbutt and swept back shank.

Fine quality French link snaffle bits are made from stainless steel, Sensogan, sweet iron and copper.

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