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Gag Bits

Gag Bits
Gag Bits
Shop gag bits for horses, lifter bits, sliding gags and chain gag bits. Working with leverage, the gag bit is a useful retraining bit for horses that are heavy in the hand, lean on the bit or pull. Shop top gag bit brands like Weaver and more.
Weaver Gag Bridle With Bit
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FES Swept Back Junior Cow Horse Western Snaffle Bit
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Reinsman® Martha Josey Million Dollar Bit
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Professional's Choice® Equisential Wonder Bit Snaffle
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The Gag Bit for English and Western Horses

The gag bit works as a leverage bit, encouraging the horse to raise its head and lighten in the hands.

A gag bit cheek rings have holes on the top and bottom where a small rope runs through and attaches directly to the reins. The other end of the rope runs up and over the horse’s poll. When rein pressure is applied the gag bit runs up along the rope, lifting the mouth upwards. Therefore it is sometimes called a running gag or sliding gag mouthpiece. Most of the leverage action is applied to the lips of the horse with very little applied to the poll.

The severity of this bit is left in the rider’s hands. As with most horse bits, an uneducated hand can make the softest bit severe. Even expert riders should use a stopper on the cheek pieces to stop the bit from rising too far.

The gag bit is available in different styles including a gag snaffle, loose ring gag and an eggbutt gag. As with other bits, the shape if the cheek pieces often dictate the name of the bit.

Available in stainless steel, rubber, and copper mouthpieces.

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