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German Martingales

German Martingale
German Martingale
German martingales are a popular choice when it comes to horse training equipment to teach a horse to give to the bit and flex through the poll. The German martingale helps riders teach horses the desired head carriage and can be adjusted as a horse learns to accept the proper head position.
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The Benefits of Using a German Martingale

German martingales are extremely popular among both English and Western riders and trainers when it comes to using training equipment and tack for teaching a horse proper head carriage. German martingales teach a horse to flex at the poll and give to the bit as they lower their head to release pressure.

The German martingale is typically made from leather or nylon cord that snaps either at the girth between the horse’s front legs or at the chest on the martingale ring. The lines then run up through each side of the bit and snap back on rings built into special reins. These rings are located at different points so you can adjust where you want the pressure to be and how much leverage you would like applied to the horse’s poll and mouth. You should use either an English snaffle bit or a Western snaffle bit without shanks when using a German martingale.

When used properly, the bit releases as the horse gives in and flexes, rewarding the horse for holding its head in the right position. They work against their own movement rather than a rider’s hands forcing them into a constant position.

Frequently Asked Questions About German Maringales

What is a German martingale?

The German martingale is a training tool that helps teach a horse to give through the bit and flex at the poll, learning to hold their head and neck in a proper head carriage. A German martingale is usually made from leather or nylon rope, with snaps on both ends.

How to use a German martingale?

The correct way to use a German martingale is by snapping one end to either the front clip on the girth, located between the horse’s front legs, or on the center ring of the martingale ring down at the base of the chest. You then run both pieces up through each cheekpiece of the bit. From there you connect the snaps to a ring on the German martingale reins. These reins will have different rings which determine how tight or loose the German martingale is fitted. When you first start using the German martingale, you want to start on the loosest ring, eventually working your horse up to a tighter setting as they learn to give through the poll and carry their head in the desired position.

What bit to use with a German martingale?

A regular snaffle bit is a popular choice to use with a German martingale as this training tack can help a horse learn to flex through the poll and give through their jaw, the action of a snaffle bit can help encourage them to lower their head.

Can you run barrels in a German martingale?

The German martingale is a popular training tool when teaching a horse to run barrels and where to keep their head carriage during barrel racing.

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