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Hoof Boots for Horses

Hoof Boots for Horses
Hoof Boots for Horses
Hoof boots for horses have two main functions, to provide the barefoot horse a shoeing alternative and to treat an injured hoof. Whether riding in the ring, out on the trail or treating a hoof abscess, we have many innovative and top-performing hoof boot designs from top brands such as Cavallo, EasyCare, Woof, Scoot, Ice Horse® and more.
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Hoof Boots – Their Innovative Riding and Therapeutic Designs

Popular with horse owners who like to keep their horses barefoot, hoof boots that are designed to be worn while riding fit snugly onto the horse’s unshod hooves. Designed for use during riding on the flat or on the trail, hoof boots help protect horse’s hooves from chipping and from other injuries such as stone bruises. Horse hoof boots also provide traction on uneven terrain and can be worn on both the front and hind feet.

Many riders keep a hoof boot on hand in the event their horse throws a shoe in the pasture or while riding. Some even keep a hoof boot on their saddle so if the shoe is lost while hacking, trail riding or out working on the ranch they can protect the hoof the rest of the ride.

Hoof boots are also helpful protection to use if you’re transitioning a horse from wearing shoes to going barefoot. It may take a bit of time for their hoofs to toughen up and a hoof boot can help keep them sound during the process.

If you are looking for a horse boot that is easy on your horse’s skin and hair, there are different fits available from the low profile that never come in contact with the horse's skin to a soft strap and built-in gaiters that fit against the horse's pastern to secure the boot. Other fit designs incorporate a soft or rolled material at the top for smoothness against the horse.

If you ride your horse long distances and are in need of extra cushioning for horse’s that become sore, look for hoof boots with impact-absorbing material like high-density foam. These impact-absorbing materials can come as inserts to help cushion the hoof or are part of the sole.

It is important that your hoof boots fit properly for safety and comfort. If your hoof boot is well-fitting it will also be slightly difficult to put on. Once it is on, different models use different types of fastening systems to keep the hoof boot in place. For example, the Cavallo Boots fasten in place with Velcro® brand closures and the Easyboots tighten with an adjustable clamp on the front of the boot. You may find one easier than the other to use but all will achieve the snug-fitting fit you require.

The sole or tread of the hoof boot provides traction and can take a beating. You may choose a hoof boot with a deep tread if you are riding over rugged and changing terrain or a lightweight model if you are going long distances. Your farrier or blacksmith might be able to help you determine which boot might be most comfortable on your horse but factoring in your horse’s break-over point.

A therapeutic horse boot is meant to help treat hoof injuries, abscesses and stone bruises. Certain models can even help treat coronary band injuries and issues. By keeping dressings or poultices in place and covering them to keep them clean, therapeutic horse boots have become a popular first aid tool for the barn and stable. Certain therapeutic horse boots are designed to provide cold compression and can be used to treat Laminitis or founder in the horse, an extremely painful and crippling condition of the hoof.

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