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Hoof Supplements

Hoof Supplements
Hoof Supplements
Find the right hoof supplement for horses at Schneiders. These supplements utilize biotin, calcium, methionine, protein, vitamins and more to improve the hardness and soft tissue strength of the hoof.
EQUI-BONE Pelleted Bone Health Supplement
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Heiro Insulin Resistance Supplement
$49.95 - $124.99
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Biotin Plus
$49.99 - $159.99
ExcelEQ™ 128oz
Hoof Secret
Equinety Horse XL 600gm
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TLC Animal Nutrition Performance Horse Max 23lbs
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Finding the Right Hoof Supplement for Horses

A horse's functionality begins with healthy feet. Diet, exercise and proper trimming are the main building blocks. Equine hoof supplements add vital amino acids and trace minerals to ensure stronger hoof structure. Injuries from vigorous competition or degeneration from joint disease reduce the longevity of a horse's career. Early discovery and treatment speed healing and restore comfort and mobility.

We offer the ideal horse hoof supplement for your horse, whether you’re looking to strengthen or maintain hoof health. Each of these formulas is designed to improve hardness and strengthen soft tissue while also promoting rapid hoof growth and increasing blood circulation to the hoof. Human-grade biotin, amino acids, antioxidants, calcium and other nutritious ingredients help build strong, healthy hooves and coats. This ensures that your horse is able to perform at her best with minimal pain or discomfort as she ages.

Biotin Horse Hoof Supplements

Biotin is one of the best products out there for helping to strengthen horse hooves. The right equine supplements from our selection will contain high-quality, human-grade biotin coupled with other supportive nutrients in order to fully support the hoof and encourage rapid growth. Palatable biotin powders are easy to administer to your horse as part of her regular, balanced diet.

Schneiders is your source for all equine supplements, whether you’re looking to support your animal’s bones, joints, hooves or coat. We have more than 70 years of experience in equine help and are happy to help you find the right health products for your horse. Take advantage of a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping on qualifying orders at Schneiders.

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