Horse Blanket Racks and Bars

Horse Blanket Racks and Bars
Horse Blanket Racks and Bars
The Horse Blanket Racks and Bars at Schneiders make it easy to air dry and store your horse’s blankets virtually anywhere – in your home stable, on your trailer or at the exhibition stall – with portable, swinging arm and wall-mounted styles.
Easy-Up® Handy Utility Hook
$4.99 - $9.99
$2.99 - $6.99
Easy-Up® Collapsible Utility Hanger
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Easy-Up® Heavy Duty Blanket Rack
Easy-Up® Swing Out Blanket Bar
Easy-Up® Travel Blanket Bar
Easy-Up® Collapsible Blanket Bar
Easy-Up® Pro Shelf with Blanket Bar & Tack Hooks

Portable vs. Wall-Mounted Horse Blanket Racks

Whether you and your horse travel the exhibition circuit, hit the road once in a while or rarely leave your own grounds, horse blanket racks become a necessity sooner or later. And while we can all agree that tossing a horse blanket over the stall wall will work in a pinch, we all know it’s not the best option. So the question comes down to whether portable horse blanket racks and bars are only for travel situations – or do they have a place in home stables, too?

If your stable space is limited or shared, you know that floor space is at a premium. Both wall-mounted and portable horse blanket racks keep blankets off the floor, but portable horse blanket racks leave your options open. Over the edge of the stall, from a mounted hook or clipped to stall bars by S-hooks, you get dry, aired blankets virtually anywhere with portable and collapsible styles.

Where wall-mounted horse blanket racks and bars win by a nose is in stables that house multiple horses without a lot of turnover. Our wall-mount horse blanket racks include features like swinging arms, heavy-duty steel construction and expandable systems. We also offer a wall-mount collapsible horse blanket bar and a freestanding option.

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