Fly Sprays & Repellents

Horse Fly Sprays and Repellents
Horse Fly Sprays and Repellents
UltraShield® EX - Gallon
Pyranha Wipe N` Spray
$22.99 - $54.99
$16.99 - $54.99
Farnam Endure Fly Spray
$22.99 - $79.99
$20.99 - $73.99
Pyranha Wipe N' Spray 32 oz.
UltraShield® EX Spray
Fly Free Zone Leg Bands

Fly Sprays & Repellents for Horses Online at Schneiders

Protecting your horse from biting flies and disease-carrying mosquitoes is a frustrating undertaking for every horse owner. Turnout is more comfortable, especially for horses with allergic reactions to insect bites. 100% Natural (Pyrethrin-based) and Permethrin (man-made chemical insecticide). Roll-ons for eyes, ears and sensitive areas. Collars and Leg Bands for extended use.

Finally! You can keep you, your horse, as well as your barn free of biting flies and pesky disease-carrying mosquitos. Enjoy the "fly-free" time you deserve with the newest innovations. Fly Predators and feed through fly protection. Automatic sprayers and fly traps for barn and stable use. We'll match any competitor's advertised price!

Keeping your horse comfortable during fly and mosquito season can be a relentless task. Fly spray helps repel disease-carrying and biting insects allowing your horse to be content and stress-free. We'll match any competitor's advertised price!

All Natural Herbal Botanical Fly Repellents for Horses

Let nature form a protective barrier between your horse and annoying insects. Unique blends of natural oils are eco-friendly, safe and highly effective to use as a daily fly repellent. No chemicals, non-toxic. Natural oils benefit skin and coat.

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