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Hoof Care & Polish

Hoof Care and Polish for Horses
Hoof Care and Polish for Horses
Care for your horse’s every step by using horse hoof care and polish from Schneiders. We have products to remove debris, restore strength or make hooves look show-worthy. From hoof clay to horse hoof polish, we have been your source since 1948.
Ultra® Hoof Polish Enhancer
2 Colors
Ultra® Hoof Polish
02203c_clear.jpg image Ultra® Hoof Polish
02203c_black.jpg image
Ultra® Hoof Polish
2 Colors
Absorbine Super Shine Hoof Polish
02072c_black.jpg image Absorbine Super Shine Hoof Polish
02072c_clear.jpg image
Absorbine Super Shine Hoof Polish
2 Colors
Schneider's Hoof Pick with Brush & Scraper
34616_black.jpg image Schneider's Hoof Pick with Brush & Scraper
34616_red.jpg image
Schneider's Hoof Pick with Brush & Scraper
Keratex Hoof Hardener
Schneider's Hoof Pick
Special Buy

Hoof Dressing and Show Care

No hoof, no horse. Your horse's hoof is like a crystal ball to their overall health. Diet, exercise, daily cleaning and regular farrier visits ensure the intricate balance of the hoof. Using the best hoof care supplies from Schneiders will help maintain or restore their health. Whether they’re a show, riding or work horse, they will benefit from our industry-leading products made by trusted brands.

There are many options for horse hoof care depending on your needs:

Hoof Dressings: Hot, dry climates and living conditions can strip moisture from your horse's hooves. A dry and brittle hoof cracks and splits easily. Deep-conditioning hoof dressings can help restore moisture content. They penetrate deep into the hoof wall to improve flexibility and strength. Hoof clay and other hoof packings fill in existing cracks to protect against bacterial or fungal infection.

Hoof Treatments: The internal structure of your horse's hoof is susceptible to bruising as well as thrush and white line disease. Early detection and treatment are vital to maintaining hoof health. Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil is a leading therapeutic hoof treatment that can relieve sore feet, laminitis, bruising, dry hooves and other conditions. Schneiders also has hoof ice boots to reduce swelling, medical boots to protect stitches and other equine first aid.

Horse Hoof Polish: Add a winning high-gloss finishing touch to your horse's hooves and create a professional look with name-brand hoof polishes and enhancers. They are chip-resistant for a long-lasting mirror shine. Clear or black hoof polish dries and seals quickly, repelling dust and dirt all day long. There’s no need to keep touching up — our hoof polish lasts up to a week.

Hoof Picks: Hoof picks are the single most important tool in a grooming kit. Removing mud, stones and debris from the hoof ensures even sole pressure and comfort. A hoof pick with a brush can be used on loose dust and dirt after the worst has been picked out.

Hoof Rasps: These grooming tools help keep hooves neat and tidy. Use the rasp side for smoothing edges or rounding the hoof. Some also have a file side for finer detailing and removing bumps.

Premium Horse Hoof Care

Schneiders carries the best hoof polish, hoof treatments and other horse care products. We stock supplies from Absorbine®, EquiFit®, Hawthorne Products®, Hoof Wraps®, Keratex®, Life Data Labs®, Mustad® and many other trusted brands. Everything we sell has an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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