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Horse Twitch

Horse Twitch
Horse Twitch
When you need an extra hand getting your horse to relax during clipping, farrier or vet visits, or other stressful procedures, a horse twitch or rope twitch can subdue your horse in a humane manner.
Schneiders Rope Twitch
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Using a Horse Twitch

Horses may not always stand quiet and relaxed for things like clipping, medical treatment, farrier visits, or other important duties that require a calm and still horse. This can produce physical reactions such as jerking away, kicking, rearing, or throwing their head. Horse twitches restrain and subdue the horse without harming them so that you can complete the task at hand. There are several theories on how and why horse twitches work. Still, the most common theory is that a horse twitch acts as a distraction and stimulates beta-endorphins to immediately trigger a calming effect in your horse.

Traditional twitches have a stick-like handle with a loop of rope or chain that’s tightened around the horse’s upper lip. A modern horse twitch is a plier-like metal clamp that squeezes the upper lip and can be used when the horse is alone without the need for someone to be holding onto the other end.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Twitches

What does a horse twitch do?

A horse twitch uses a rope, chain, or clamp to go around the tip of a horse’s upper lip. This process releases endorphins that trigger an immediately calming effect, often mimicking a horse being lightly sedated without using medications or sedatives. Once the twitch is released, the horse goes back to normal. This process can help calm a horse down for clipping, medical procedures, or farrier work.

How long can you twitch a horse for?

You should only use a horse twitch for up to five minutes. After five minutes, the endorphin response will wear off, and the twitch will no longer be effective. Twitches for horses are meant to be used for short periods.

When should you twitch a horse?

You should twitch a horse during stressful situations where a horse may react dangerously or make getting the task at hand impossible without their cooperation. This might be clipping a horse’s face or ears, getting a shot or injection from a veterinarian, or when the farrier needs to nail on hind shoes for a horse that may kick, just as a few common scenarios when you would use a horse twitch or rope twitch.

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