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Horse Twitch

Subdue your horse in a humane manner with a horse twitch designed to be placed as a lip twitch on the horse.
Horse Twitch
Horse Twitch
Get the best horse twitch from Schneiders for when you need an extra hand. Our Ultimate Twitch is a durable hands-free restraint that is effective for stressful situations. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Schneider's Rope Twitch
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Schneider's Ultimate Twitch
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What is a Horse Twitch?

Like humans, many horses react negatively to stressful situations such as clipping, medical treatment or just being left alone in a trailer. This can lead to physical reactions such as jerking and stomping. Horse twitches restrain and subdue the horse without harming them so you can complete the task at hand. There are several theories as to why they work, including pain, distraction and stimulating beta-endorphins.

A horse twitch device provides additional leverage to keep one or both hands free. Traditional twitches have a stick-like handle with a loop of rope or chain that’s tightened around the horse’s upper lip. A modern horse twitch, such as the Schneiders Ultimate Twitch, is a plier-like metal clamp that squeezes the upper lip and can be used when the horse is alone.

Twitches to Humanely Subdue Horses

Our horse twitches are perfect for subduing horses that stress out. They’re made of durable materials and are versatile for horses of many sizes. A sliding ring on the clamp twitch securely holds the device in place for true hands-free operation. Have one on hand in case you need it with our low prices and free shipping on qualifying orders.

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