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Dewormer for Horses

Horse Wormer
Horse Wormer
Schneiders offers effective, easy-to-administer horse wormer from the top brands to help treat and prevent parasite infestations. Get your horse on a regular horse de-wormer product from our store to treat and prevent tapeworms and all the major equine parasites.
Equimax Dewormer
Livamol® with Bioworma® Pail
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Strongid Paste
Quest Plus Gel
Panacur 25g
Exodus Paste
Safe-Guard 25 gm
Quest Gel

Keep Your Animals Safe with Horse Wormer

The fact of the matter is that the horse’s home — whether pasture or stable — is a hospitable environment for all sorts of equine parasites, including tapeworms, small strongyles, pinworms and large roundworms in all stages. As a result, they tend to take up residence in your horse’s intestinal lining, where they absorb nutrients and, in turn, can cause permanent tissue damage (among other ailments). Regularly treating your horse with a horse de-wormer can keep these parasites at bay.

Schneiders specializes in offering broad-spectrum horse wormer products that are veterinary recommended for both the treatment and prevention of equine tapeworm and parasites. It’s important to get your horse on a proper de-worming schedule based upon his or her fecal egg count (EPG) and age. Adult horses will need to be administered wormer two to six times per year depending on these factors.

Note that your vet may recommend following a rotating de-worming schedule — using different types of de-wormers at different times of the year — for best results.

The Best Horse Wormer Brands

Shop the top horse de-wormer brands in our excellent selection, including Zimecterin®, Quest, Bimectin®, Exodus® Paste, Equimax®, STRONGID® Paste, IverCare® and more. Price match guarantee on all wormers. Find it elsewhere at a lower price? Call customer service at 800-365-1311 and we'll match it.

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