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Loose Ring Snaffles

Loose Ring Snaffles
Loose Ring Snaffles
Loose ring snaffle bits for training and everyday riding. Quality loose ring snaffle bits with single-jointed, multi-jointed or roller mouthpieces in stainless steel, sweet iron or copper. Shop top brands like Herm Sprenger, Happy Mouth, Myler, FES and more.
Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Bit
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Loose Ring Snaffle Bits – Use, Function and Style

Loose ring snaffles are a very popular horse bit when it comes to breaking and training the English and Western horse. When it comes to dressage training and lower level showing, the loose ring snaffle sets the standard.

Named by the cheek piece as it is shaped like a ring with the ability to rotate through the mouthpiece, the loose ring snaffle is available with a single joint or multi-jointed mouthpiece.

The free-moving rings allow the loose ring snaffle’s mouthpiece to move more independently allowing the horse’s tongue a bit more freedom of movement during rein aids than other bits. This can lead to a greater acceptance of the bit which translates into a more relaxed and engaged horse. If you find your horse enjoys this freedom a little too much and gets overly excited or fixated on playing with the bit, the loose ring snaffle might not be the best choice.

Another training advantage of the loose ring snaffle is its ability to offer a direct lateral aid. Although all snaffles are able to swing laterally to some extent, the loose ring allows the greatest lateral freedom of movement.

Fine quality loose ring bits are made from stainless steel, copper, and sweet iron, and will be smooth, especially around the holes in the mouthpiece drilled for the loose rings. Take extra care in sizing the bit, especially if your horse has sensitive lips or large lips as if not properly fitted, the loose ring, while sliding through the mouthpiece, will pinch the horse’s lips.

Also be sure that the ring is large enough for your horse and doesn’t "pull-through" the horse’s mouth with lateral aids or if your horse suddenly bolts the opposite direction of a rein aid.

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