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Martingales & Training Forks

Martingales, Breast Collars, and Training Forks for Horses
Martingales, Breast Collars, and Training Forks for Horses
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Billy Royal® German Martingale

English Breastplates & Running Martingales

An English martingale or breastplate is an important piece of tack for training, schooling and even competition in disciplines where head carriage is a large component. Martingale horse trainers apply pressure when the horse tries to raise its head above a certain height while breastplates prevent the saddle from sliding backward as you ride. In addition to achieving proper head carriage, the running martingale can protect a rider from injury should a horse lift his head too high.

We carry English standing martingales that run from the girth to the noseband and have fixed action to prevent horses from snatching the reins. For more freedom and added safety during a fall, choose a running martingale that attaches directly to the reins. A training breast collar for English riding is an option for saddle retention that allows full equine shoulder movement. If you need both devices, you can get a handcrafted breastplate with running martingale attachment that has added padding to make the horse more comfortable.

These breastplates and martingale horse trainers are made of quality leather with brass or stainless-steel hardware that is durable and stylish. Whether you need tack for entry-level training or a professional horse show, you can find the best English martingales and breastplates at Schneiders. We have free shipping on qualifying orders with industry-leading customer service to make sure you get the right order the first time.

Western Horse Training Fork & Martingale

If you need a training fork or martingale for a horse in a Western show, you can find the right one at Schneiders. Martingales are a practical piece of horse tack that is sometimes allowed in schooling and/or judged competition. This equipment helps train equines to have proper head carriage both so they look more presentable and so they don't hit the rider by raising their heads too high. Whether you need a Western running martingale, standing martingale or adjustable training fork. Our training martingales come from brands such as Billy Royal®, Dura-Tech®, Victor Supreme and Premier that are used by professional trainers.

Both martingales and forks work by allowing full lateral flexion, but limiting vertical flexion, creating pressure that makes it difficult for a horse to lift or throw their head above the desired height. A martingale collar for a horse has a leather strap that goes around their next, while a training fork is a basic triangle with loops for the reins. Our Western training martingales and forks are both made of fine but supple leather that matches the traditional aesthetic and has solid brass hardware that is remarkably durable. Unlike a tie-down, the horse will have complete side-to-side movement while being trained in the correct posture and balance.

The girth strap is adjustable on all models while select martingales also have adjustable forks and neck straps to attain precise leverage. Use a running martingale to allow the rider to release pressure immediately or go with a German martingale if you need additional training-only leverage. Even if you have a non-competition horse, a Western pleasure martingale can make casual riding a more rewarding experience.

Western Breast Collars

Beautifully designed with plenty of adjustment for comfort and fit. Beautiful American tanned, hand-tooled leather with intricately etched sterling silver plate trim allows the  Billy Royal® show breast collar to be a cut above the rest. While silver show wester breast collars compliment the show horse, the use of a horse breast collar on trails serves as an important safety function. These western breast collars are crafted in the usual Billy Royal® tradition of high quality American tanned leather for training and trail. Heavy-duty double-ply breastcollars fit horses comfortably and keep saddles in place.

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