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O Ring Snaffle Bits

O Ring Snaffle Bits
O Ring Snaffle Bits
O-Ring horse bits are commonly single jointed or double-jointed snaffle bits with loose rings shaped in a circle for cheek pieces. Available in sweet iron, stainless steel or copper mouthpieces in single or double-jointed styles, often called dog bone or French linked bits. An O-ring bit with twisted wire mouthpieces are also available in copper, stainless steel or sweet iron. Shop top brands like Stubben, FES and Weaver.
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Learn about O-Ring Horse Bits or O-Ring Snaffles

O-ring bits are popular training bits for western horses. O-ring bits get their name from the circular shape of the check pieces. The O-ring check piece is loose and has the ability to slide through the bit mouthpiece.

As a snaffle bit, the o-ring bit’s action is direct pressure, not leveraged, and therefore considered a milder bit. Most o-ring bits have smooth mouth pieces but some are made with twisted wire, making it a bit stronger than then smooth o-ring.

O-ring bits come in single jointed or double jointed version. Single jointed o-ring bits meet and break in one spot in the middle of the mouth. Double jointed o-ring bits have two connections with a french link, or small connecting plate. Double jointed o-rings are sometimes referred to as french link snaffles or dog bone o-ring snaffles.

Sweet iron o-ring bits encourage the horse to salivate and soften into the bit. Sweet iron rusts and tastes sweet to the horse, hense its name.

Copper or copper roller o-ring bit mouthpieces also encourage the horse to salivate and aids in the horse’s acceptance of the bit.

O-ring bits can also combine features like twisted wire and copper making or twisted wire dog bone.

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