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StormShield® Nordlund Combo Turnouts
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StormShield® Nordlund Combo Turnouts view #1
  • StormShield® Nordlund Combo Turnouts view video
  • StormShield® Nordlund Combo Turnouts view #2
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    StormShield® Nordlund Combo Turnouts

    Blanket Blowout Sale! Prices dropping daily - get them before they're gone! Limited availability.
    Limited end of season stock available! Prices dropping regularly, get the options your horse needs before they sell out for the season!

    This waterproof turnout blanket is tough enough to protect your horse against extreme cold and precipitation.

    Learn More
    Ten Year Warranty Ten Year Limited Warranty
    Hard Play Durability Can withstand even the hardest playing horses.
    Waterproof Guaranteed waterproof for 10 years
    Breathable High level of breathability
    Windproof Windproof in any weather
    Durability: Hard Play
    Coverage: Combo
    Item Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Heavyweight (380 gm)


    Medium Weight (220 gm)


    Sheet (No Insulation)

    $229.99 $159.99
    Which turnout blanket is right for your horse?

    Features Include:

    • Attached neck for maximum protection during extreme cold and driving rain or snow
    • Fits straight from wither to back with no back seam to guard against leakage
    • Crisscross surcingle closure for greater stability
    • Detachable elastic leg straps to prevent your blanket from turning
    • Enlarged tail cover acts as a better wind and rain barrier
    • Extended gussets for better movement
    • 3M reflective tail stripe for added visibility at dusk or for night turnout
    • Wider binding and reinforced stitching for extra durability
    • Double Snap front closure with hook and loop closure assist
    • 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon Outer / Choice of Insulation / Nylon Lining
    • 10 Year Guarantee - Read Warranty
    • Sizes: 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86
    • Colors: Purple/Grey, Navy/Orange

    Love this blanket!


    I have this blanket on my horse all day every day and it doesn't shift around on him at all. The neck part of it stays in place even when he eats off the ground. Very durable and warm.


    Waupaca, WI


    Absolutely satisfied with this blanket!!!


    I live in Minnesota. It's been a hard winter this year. This blanket is keeping my horse nice and warm


    Cambridge, MN

    keeps my horse dry


    This sheet fits well and keeps my mare's neck and chest dry. It is really good for turnout when there are temperature swings. She seems to like wearing it on rainy days.


    richmond, VA


    Best blankets ever


    This brand is one of the vest blankets I've bought. Horses are in and out and this works great for all. Just wish there were more colors but it does it job and that's all that matters!




    Great blanket!


    I love having a medium weight with a neck cover for those windy and wet days that are still too warm for a heavy. This blanket fits well and looks great. I've gotten many complements on it!


    Columbia, MO


    Loving these blankets!


    Really love the details of having snaps and buckles onmthe front closures as well as the smooth interior lining that doesn't attract shavings etc.

    SRH Lusitano

    Midway, KY


    Excellent quality blanket!!


    So far Very pleased with the quality of this blanket.




    Great for cold snowy nights


    The neck cover on this blanket really helps keep the horses warm. I previously used heavy weight blankets without a neck cover but then my horses would be all wet and it would drip down under the blanket. This blanket keeps them completely dry. Fits my super stocky QH well and also fits my tall skinny one well. This blanket keeps them super warm, I only use for nights it's going to be single digits.


    Durango, CO


    Great blanket


    I love the neck/blanket combo, during the day if it is not snowing I flip the neck part back so he can get a little sun on this skin. Great blanket




    Really hoped this would be a high quality product ...


    I REALLY wanted this to be a high quality blanket like every other blanket I've ever ordered from Schneiders. I just got this blanket too! The buckle on the front seems to be defective, the parts do not line up well. The velcro assist on the front of the blanket does not work (the velcro barely holds). On the neck, the velcro does not want to stick. You have to rub and rub to get the velcro to employ. There are many loose ends, appears that the blanket I got is a dud, or poorly made. I honestly can't believe this would be a bad product if: i. the velcro worked, ii. the buckles were not defective. I so wanted this to be like all the other fine Schneiders' products I've loved and used.





    4.7 182


    Will the neck cover stay up without a halter on


    Yes it does.


    Is the neck cover removable?


    No, this has an attached neck cover.


    Is it water proof?


    Yes -a great study turnout 👍


    The material is waterproof 


    Yes. Turnout blankets and sheets are waterproof.


    Yes.  A great blanket!  


    Yes it is. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    Will this fit a big fella or should I stick with a big fella blanket 84in But I only see midweight. Have something in heavyweight for big fella??


    Mine was an 82 and it fit my gelding who is 16.1 1600lbs Holly


    The big fella blankets have a longer drop on the sides to help make sure the horse is covered on the sides. The big fella doesn't have a heavyweight. It does have the x-midweight which is 300g fill and a heavy weight has 380g so your only 80g away from the heavyweight.

    Customer Service

    My horses wear 80" and they are little bit snug.  They are fabulous blankets though and really warm.    Sent from Yahoo Mail. Get the app


    What do you mean when you say prominent withers?


    High withers or withers that are very visible. This turnout is good for low to medium withers, if your horse has high withers and your concerned about putting added pressure on the withers I would suggest she look at the VTeks.

    Customer Service

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket:

    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    • For best fit, stand horse squarely.
    • Measure from center of chest to edge of tail.
    • Take care to measure along the widest part of the shoulder and hindquarters.
    • The blanket measurement result is the blanket size.
    • If your measurement is in between sizes, round up to the next blanket size. Example: 73" = Size 74.
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket Video
    Watch our Video on
    How to Measure for a Horse Blanket
    Do you have blanket questions? Call us at 1-800-365-1311 or email us at service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Warmth and Temperature Guide

    Sheet (No Insulation)
    50°F - 65°F
    As Needed
    Lightweight (Tekno-Fleece, 80 gms.)
    40°F - 60°F
    30°F - 50°F+
    Midweight (220 gms.)
    35°F - 50°F
    30°F - 45°F
    Heavyweight (380 gms.)
    20°F - 40°F
    15°F - 30°F

    If you have any questions about this product, please contact us at 1-800-365-1311 or service@sstack.com

    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Turnout Blanket Durability Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Find your horse's perfect FIT with our Schneider's Horse Turnout Blanket Fit Guide
    Blanket Warranty