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Rubber Snaffles

Rubber Snaffles
Rubber Snaffles
Rubber bits for horses come in a wide selection of style for both the English and Western horse. We have the rubber snaffle bit you are looking for. Shop top brands like Metalab and FES.
FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit
FES Soft Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit

The Rubber Bit Mouthpiece – Popular bit Material for English & Western Horses

Horse bits made with rubber mouthpieces are helpful as rubber is a giving and gentle material on the horse’s tongue. Young horses are often started in a rubber bit, especially a rubber snaffle bit, to promote comfort and acceptance of the bit.

Many rubber bits for horses have the distinctive black covering on the mouthpiece. But another popular rubber bit is made by the brand Happy Mouth. Happy Mouth bits are made with a proprietary material that is both long wearing and soft, with an apple scent that horse’s love.

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